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Anxiety blocker

it's life, sure - but not as you'd like it.
Top rated relaxation recording by Neovision

This recording is great for relieving depression and anxiety.  

Do you suffer from anxiety or find yourself afraid when it seems like there is nothing really to fear? Do people often say to you “What have you got to worry about” or “Just push through it”?

Ease away free floating anxiety.
The hypnosis on this recording is strong enough to help conditions like social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder, or simply to ease away the stresses and strains of every day life.

Relax as this gentle recording soothes away fear and anxiety, helping you to understand how fear arises in seemingly safe situations. Using deepening hypnosis to alleviate anxiety, this comforting recording lasts approximately 25 minutes, while making a world of difference to your life.

As with all our recordings, Repetition Reaps Results!

Available for download now, relax or snooze away; there’s nothing for you to do but switch the recording on and let it switch your mind to safe mode.

You are purchasing a download. If you would like a CD for an extra £2, please Contact Us after you have completed the transaction below. Thank you!

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