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YOU will receive the most qualified coach, whose experiences best link with your own and a specialist treatment plan. Behind the scenes, though, there is a strong network of supervision and support, meaning your coach has a connective team from which to draw support and bounce around ideas. Some examples of people we are best placed to help


The coaching team

Two fully qualified and highly experienced psychologists head our team, helping people handle situations from anxiety to business management. Our highly published author, a Doctor of metaphysics, plans and prepares material for each condition we treat. Backing up the triage at the top, is Leeanna (in Canada), very much experienced in social care and parenting (also for special needs children) relationships, particularly recovering from abusive relationships and respectful co-parenting, while Sian and Mandy our Schools Specialists, are both great with teens. Marion is an ex skin picker who helps others find recovery, Pippa is superb with anger management, attention and focus, and parenting children with special needs . Jackie is a great psychologist who specialises in social anxiety. Leeanna and Neo both specialise in trichotillomania, obsessions and parenting coaching. Neo is also a business and career coach. We have plenty of contacts with other coaches with different fields of experience and feel confident Sarah can connect YOU with someone who can help you and/or your child or business thrive.

Our Parenting Advice & Coaching Department is headed up by Leeanna in Canada, who specialises in the support of parents with intense children and supported by Deepika, Michelle and Neo who all agree that nobody should ever under-estimate the value of keeping a calm voice with children.


We’re a very strong and supportive team. Sarah, our Treatment Initiation Manager answers the helpline in the mornings (Tuesday to Friday) with warmth and sensitivity. Her role involves selecting the coach whose personal experience most parallels the client’s and the best coaching package to suit; she is receiving specialist training as a coach.

Michelle, our Accounts Manager, calculates the pricing at a comfortably affordable level for most people, completes the accounts and manages amicable relationships with clients’ ongoing accounts.

Our specialist coaching team has been brought together by our networking consultant and team motivator, Tracy-Jane Phippen of Equilibrium Life

The Techs

coaching.care's structural foundation is our sturdy technical team, guided by Peter J. Prajakta and Rashmi are proficient, precise members of the technical team. Prajakta manages the jewellery store. Prajakta and Rashmi also do some freelance web design for other people so if you know anyone who wants a super hot website for not a lot of outlay, send them our way.

For your privacy and online security, we consult online data security expert and programmer, Peter, who also oversees our webinars. He heads a department of four, including teaching consultant Prajakta and web developer Rashmi, who present our website so beautifully and keep it simple and successful. These top-class technicians streamline and harness our requirements, making the website practical for you to use. Their expertise enables you to connect to our services in confidence.


Deepika and Lera manage, create and Neo constructs most of our design work. Deepika works partly from her base in England and often also from her other home in India. Since joining the team she has had two beautiful little boys.

Departmental Success

Our media service has been continuous since 1996 - as go-to consultant coaches for television production companies and radio talk shows, providing practical coaching and psychological assessments regarding social anxiety, crime prevention, trichotillomania, BFRBs, how to stop hair pulling, skin picking, eating non food items, self harm etc. while guiding the media crew in sensitive management of vulnerable and/or special needs guests.There’s a definite continuity which flows through our client care and our message is "here for you, for life."

Compassion and Freedom above all else

"It’s a matter of personal pride for me when someone buys my work. being in this postion of privilege makes me feel honored and eager to pass on the skills I have developed for enjoyment of life, When you opt for coaching with Coaching.Care, you reach out to me, often in a vulnerable state. I am determined to gift my enjoyment-of-life skills, while being supportive of low self esteem."

"I value compassion and freedom above all else. I can convey a sense of freedom from social anxiety and other forms of self harm, as well as sheer enjoyment of life." Neo, Founder.

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Whether you want a writing mentor; a business coach or to find your focus;

to fix parenting problems or stop hair pulling; get the clear skin you've longed for but couldn't stop picking at; give up gambling; be alcohol free; live with chronic pain, be polyamorous and proud ... drop the rituals; love your big body ... handle infertility; IVF; foster or adopt; we have experts who have been through all of this and more.

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