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A great listener, online for you.

Coaching is the ultimate safe forum to discuss your life circumstances and your particular challenges, giving us an opportunity to really get to know you.


In your initial assessment, we’ll fully explore what brings you to coaching and the changes you would like to make in your life. The coach will prepare a free treatment plan and give you some guidance as to timescale. At this point you still have the opportunity to return to the Treatment Initiation Team to get a better match, if you feel this isn’t the coach for you. We are proud to say this has never happened so far, THAT’s how confident we are, of setting you up with someone supportive and understanding, who has experienced similar challenges. Ongoing care takes place by email or whatsapp and, often, further 50 minutes video calls each week. All our treatment programs include free coaching checklists, blueprints and resources.

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We’ll find you the right person to nurture YOUR skills & qualities.

Complex difficulties

Our coaches and mentors have many years’ experience of helping people with all manner of difficulties, including monitoring, reducing and stopping self harm. You get specialist help in your own home, clinic, school, hospital - even on the beach if you like. Take the stress out of worrying where you will get help from, just contact us and give our specialist treatment initiation team the chance to work their magic for you.

One coach for life on any device, whatever you'd like to relieve or achieve.  

We'll find you a coach who has overcome challenges just like yours.

A writing mentor; a business coach; find your focus; fix parenting problems; stop hair pulling; get the clear skin you've longed for but couldn't stop picking at; give up gambling; be alcohol free; polyamorous and proud ... drop the rituals, love your large body ... handle infertility; IVF; foster or adopt, we have experts who have been through all of this and more.

Leah was so relieved when she passed her driving test – it was her fourth test, but this time she had an online coach - our motivation sensation, Jackie. With Jackie’s help, Leah recognised her obsessive thinking about the dangers of driving. Once Leah became aware of her driving worries, she found them unhelpful and pictured herself driving free from her worries. Using hypnosis on video chat, she was able to build up her confidence, her driving skills and her self-esteem. She raised her pass certificate high in the air with a greater sense of satisfaction than if she had passed first time.