Coaching Supervision

As coaching professionals dealing with complex subjects, our work is supervised. We also supply supervision online to fellow coaches at reasonable rates.

We provide expert supervison on Facetime, phone, email, whatsapp or skype, to name just a few platforms.

Telephone +447910 114739 9am to 5pm weekdays, GMT.

Many of our coaches and psychologists offer premium supervision at normal session rates.

Supervision via video chat

Let our treatment initiation managers know when you book, if it is for supervision and in which regard.

We provide supervision in Transactional Analysis, ACT, Trichnotherapy, The Way Forward Program and for professionals working with people who self harm or eat non-food items.

We anticipate you will want to discuss your life circumstances and your particular challenges, which will give us an opportunity to really get to know you. Most people like to book blocks of sessions, and negotiate a comfortable coaching fee with Michelle, who is really great at finding a compromise between coach and client to enhance the client’s life without breaking their pocket. Ultimately most people enjoy the luxury of a 20 minute offloading – followed by 30 minutes of planning for how to deal with similar situations more effectively in the future.

In your initial assessment, you can introduce what brings you to coaching and changes you would like to make in your life. The coach will prepare a free treatment plan and give you some guidance as to timescale. At this point you still have the opportunity to return to the Treatment Initiation Team to get a better match, if you feel this isn’t the coach for you. We are proud to say this has never happened so far, following our USP of setting you up with someone supportive and understanding, who has experienced similar challenges. Ongoing care takes place by email or whatsapp and often further 50 minutes skypes each week.

Complex difficulties Our coaches and mentors have many years’ experience of working with people in their own homes, clinics and institutions.

Specialist expertise:

  • ADHD
  • obsessive relationships
  • internet obsession
  • phone obsessions
  • parenting intense and/or anxious children
  • addiction
  • social anxiety
  • eating disorders such as PICA, anorexia and bulimia
  • BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors) Hairpulling, skin picking, nailbiting, cheek chewing, lip picking etc.
  • OCD
  • Compulsive gambling
  • self-harm including sticking pins in self
  • personality disorders
  • We have an excellent network of other clinical professionals (hormone consultants, experts in nutrition, people in recovery from addiction and BFRBs) who can play a supportive role, without direct consultation unless requested.

    Equilibrium can be achieved with minimal effort. All you need to do is book a single session with us to see this in action.

    doctors, psychologists, mentors and teachers

    Highly qualified to supervise the treatment of children and adults.

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