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Need more hours in the day? Awareness is key to enjoyment of life, stop wrestling procrastination and do what works.

It is normal to struggle to pay attention to important tasks, while still being alert to competing interests and possible dangers.  Unlock the inherent ability to achieve more, attentively, in less time.  This course can bring you the fulfilment to focus on what needs doing, ignoring unhelpful thoughts and outside impositions .

Everything is shrinking!!!  Online articles are getting shorter. Three minute videos pop up when we least expect them and engage our attention. People even pay for someone else to read and summarise books for them!  Our world is geared towards people with shorter attention spans. Learn to hurdle the demands that compete for your attention and reach more finish-lines, faster.

Explore the executive skills required to feel more content by making headway  towards goals, keeping the emphasis on what matters most. You’ll discover simplified techniques to take the stress out of your normal routine and feel in control, like having less tasks and  more time.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Anyone aged 8 upwards, who needs help concentrating and relaxing about their workload and available time.

Learning Path

This is the legal jargon which goes with the course to ensure we keep everything confidential and cater to your individual needs.

20 min read to complete

Consider your own interests, what matters most to you and what you would like to be remembered for.  Which achievements would you most like to look back on, in old age?  This lesson helps you create a list of projects started, with notes about the progress you want to make in the coming year.

20 min read to complete

Look at the reasons for the struggle to focus.

8 min read to complete, with 8 minute practice the following days

Look at the reasons for the struggle to focus.

8 min read to complete, with 8 minute practice the following days

There is always going to be some unfinished task. We don’t have to hyper-focus on everything that hasn’t happened yet.

10 min read to complete

Practical moment-by-moment engagement with a subject.

15 min read to complete and practice

Understanding how the habit of being distracted can be overcome.

20 min read to complete

Shows how to follow one course for 5 minutes at a time, to reach success.

5 min read to complete

Self-calming strategies to refocus attention.

5 min read to complete

Planning, prioritizing and getting started smoothly.

10 min read and 15 minute form to complete

Perseverence and regularly updating plans and priorities.

15 min read and 15 minute form to complete

Storytelling is an ancient and extremely engaging established technique to capture attention. In this lesson, you will delve into methods of using it to expand your portfolio. 

Read 15 mins 

Developing the habit of using the present moment to achieve the focused advantage needed.

10 min read

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