Creativity and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

CREATIVITY - module 1, lesson 1

As many of you know, the coaching method we use is called ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  In this lesson, you will learn how to apply acceptance, commitment and THERAPY to your creative process. 

There have been many unbelievably prolific writers and artists in the world, Shakespeare wrote obsessively. While the super-organised Dame Barbara Cartland wrote around 750 novels.  Of course they didn’t have the frequency of distraction that we have.  


The main thing that is going to make or break your creativity in each moment,  is your self talk.  This will fall into 2 categories: excuses and empowerment.

We will deal with some other things which could break your concentration under the heading of Therapy.

The quiz will help you consider other things which might get in the way of your progress.  


I have always wanted to look back, at a ripe old age, at the books I have written over the course of my life.  In fact, due to websites and podcasting, writing has changed and I haven’t written an actual book for a few years, even though I write six days a week. 

Studies show that psychologically flexible people are happier,  so adjustments have to be made to our goals, but the intent remains the same.
This is why my number one rule of creative production is: SET A DAILY INTENTION.

Second rule. The only time you have is NOW.  NOTICE when you are making excuses and cast them aside.   Excuses are fine for scheduled replenishing days and retirement, they have no place in your mornings or afternoons. When you notice your mind making excuses, write them down – you can use them later in dialogue and for defining conflict. 

Rule 3 – Divide your daily task into no more than 5 parts.  Five factors are easy to remember, note down without getting bogged down and tackle in a day.


The therapy part of Acceptance and Commitment therapy is being forgiving, to yourself, to the world and to others.  What do we mean when we say forgiving to the world?  Forgiving of circumstances.  Many things can happen in a day which may prevent you from meeting your targets.  Allow these to happen and appreciate yourself and nature – in this case human nature, for what you DO get written. 

Go with the flow:  Be grateful for the flow of energy and the flow of
words.  I think of these as words flowing through me, rather than me
actually writing them – I am allowing myself to be of service to an
infinite source of positive wisdom, and to my reader. 

Hopefully some of this will have been of service to you, and please do leave a comment after you have finished the quiz.

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