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Support for Setbacks

Setbacks happen to all of us, in every area of our lives, not just skin picking. Slipping backwards is a part of life, but moving forward is our goal. There is no failure, only GROWTH!

A skin picking session is a setback, NOT proof of your weaknesses. Slipping back doesn't mean that you can't beat this, the time you were pick free can't be taken away from you and that time is proof that you CAN beat this.

Many illnesses have periods of remission and relapse. So does dermatillomania. If you had another health problem, you wouldn't beat yourself up if one day was significantly worse than the last. You would learn to deal with the illness by thinking positively and looking forward to the next good day.

For every person who is 100+ days pick free, there were many stretches of 2 days, 5 days, a week, a month and longer, all with relapses. Remission is ALWAYS just around the corner.

A setback isn't solid or written in stone, just moments of hopelessness, distress, anger ... all transient. Just feelings, which, once expressed, help you move on. The only certainty in life is change. Who says there is no cure for dermatillomania? Prove the professionals wrong ... Stub out that setback.


So you suffered a setback: you're in great company. We've all done it. Now is the time to emerge, pick free and happy. YOU CAN DO IT.

Excuses allow us to stay stuck!

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