Welcome to our online community, formulated by pick free people, to help you stop skin picking.

Our results speak for themselves, as everyone who has graduated from our coaching package has done so pick free. hundreds Utilising habit control methods and established techniques, we are able to offer a unique and positive approach to behavior change. This program is tailored to meet each individual's specific needs, adapting what has worked for the many people we have already helped to recover. Freedom from compulsive skin picking (CSV) is easier than you ever expected.

Single Session - purchase an e-mail or skype or Facetime session with one of our coaches, so that you can decide which of our systems suit you, or create your own pay-as-you-go program. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

Paced Program - You will hear from one consistent coach or mentor, who themselves are already pick free for more than 5 years. The longer programs include urge reduction technique training and relapse prevention; simply click on the contact button, or fill in our questionnaire, tell us a little about yourself and your picking problem, and we will be in touch.

Intensive Coaching - 40 days and simple ways to help you to be the best you can be: which we believe is always pick free. The most successful and longest running online treatment for trichotillomania. Phenomenal success rate reported daily.

Coaching by email.

Proven track history dating back to 1996. Over 96% success rate.

Skype sessions available.

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Suitable for Adults and Children

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