Tips to help you be Pick Free

We have compiled a long list of tips to stop skin picking. This FREE list of tips to stop compulsive skin picking (CSP) has been made possible by users of this dermatillomania website: real people with BFRBs who have provided these to us by completing our questionnaire. Pick free advice from real people - you are the genuine Dermatillomania experts!

Always keep yourself busy! Or join some kinda sport :)
Deep breathing for 30 seconds
Stop 'n Grow on my nails
Practise mindfulness to be aware of my hands
Sewing, Rug making
Stress relief techniques
E-mailing my buddy
Being involved and active
Sorting my sewing box while watching TV
Having my hands occupied
Plasters on my fingertips
Taking a hot bath
Silly Putty, slime or goo
Colouring or drawing
Getting acrylic fingernails
Going out somewhere public
Exposure to sunlight
Squeezing a stress ball
Playing my hypnotherapy CD
Typing! You use both your hands to type so make up a story or something so your hands are occupied. It's easier than writing because you have both hands on the keyboard!
I find whenever I get the urge to pick, washing my face with cold water often reduces the urge.
Playing with Beanies
Working out
Keeping a diary of how I feel
Forgive past mistakes daily
Going outside
Free acceptance of my condition
Watching videos on YouTube
Rubicks cubes
Putting on make up
Asking for what I want.
Wearing long sleeves and leggings
Getting physical with my partner
Going for a walk (free)
Eating bananas
Wearing gloves
Making things <3
Record keeping
My personal Picknotherapy coach
Staying away from people who put me down
Stroking a pet
Pairing my socks while watching TV
Studying at the library rather than at home
One activity to help with the urge to pick is to have a pair of Yin Yang stress balls at hand. If I get in a fit, I pick them up and it occupies my picking hand.
Be around people who are not family so you can't pick in their presence.
Research shows that flax seed targets and heals skin. You can keep your hide healthy just like a hippo! Zoo keepers feed flax seeds to rhinos, hippos and elephants for healthy hides. The science is that fat in flax seeds form EPA and DHA. Like fish oil, flax fights skin yeasts and is a great addition to your diet if you suffer from itchy skin.
Not being alone
Booking an appointment to have my make up professionally done
Thinking about people who love me for who I am
Plenty of sleep
Spinner ring to fiddle with discretely
I usually play my guitar to relieve the urge to pick
Playing good music and dancing or singing
Painting my nails: I don't want to smudge it by picking! I keep my nail polishes by the TV. Polishing my nails gives me time to refocus on something else and forget my urges
Writing down why I hate derm and why my life will be better without it
Crochet or knitting, tapestry or cross stitch
Getting up and moving about as soon as my hands go there
Covering mirrors in my house or putting positive statements on them
Thinking about an event I want to look good at
Writing down how much I picked and what happened just before I picked
Cutting out sugar, glucose, caffeine and popcorn helps me be pick free
Take a shower or run my head under the tap
When I'm anxious or picky I focus on my breathing. For each in and out I count one number, so it sort of ends up being 1, 1, 2, 2 etc. I find that forces me to concentrate on the counting as well as my breathing, and it usually sends me to sleep. I find it very relaxing.
Eating a pomegranate. It takes AGES and you can watch a whole film while picking at the seeds. Sunflower seeds also occupy the hands.
Social networking like Facebook & Twitter Getting up and doing something to take my mind off it
I only allow myself 30 mins of TV at a time. I can manage to stay pick free for 30 mins
Reading or studying only in public - i.e. on a bench in a park.
Making patterns with pins in a pin cushion, then pulling them out and starting over again.
My best tip is to play games on a computer or phone it keeps you occupied and your fingers going
Applying fresh make up AS SOON as I get home