The trichotillomania time machine

I literally can’t count the number of times people have told me they would love to have a time machine to go back in time and not have pulled. Some people mean that they would like to not have had yet another setback, and today someone was mentioning how much they would like to go back and not have pulled the first hair.

I wanted to start this topic, so that we can talk about the lives we could’ve had if we hadn’t had tric.

I’ll start: my father wouldn’t of left my mother, I definitely wouldn’t have been sent to the school I was sent to – I would never of gone to boarding school, I would’ve grown up in a protective warm family of people who cared for me. My mother would’ve said more positive things to me. I wouldn’t have become so shy that I couldn’t even go into a shop and ask and assistant for something. I would’ve enjoyed my teenage years as a beautiful and carefree young woman, not somebody who couldn’t even look in the mirror without bursting into tears and spent all her evenings holidays and weekends at home alone.

My husband would’ve had an easier time being married to me. My daughter would’ve had a far happier childhood – I definitely would’ve qualified as a doctor much sooner.

I should point out I’m not writing this in self pity, just as an exercise to help us see just how much hair pulling impacted our lives And how important our pull freedom is to us.

Really looking forward to what you other guys come up with.

Love and pull freedom Neo


  • Great idea Neo!

    I would’ve dealt with the loss of my Grandfather better, thus knowing how to deal with my Nana’s passing more positively, rather than learning to push people away, I’d have been more able to deal with the bullies and not believe they were right and then for me to continuing to bully myself. I’d have had more confidence in myself and the way I liked back then and even now (not comparing) Not feeling so alone and that I was the only person experiencing this (I am normal & not a freak!) That the qualities I bring to any relationship are just as important as what others bring. Better belief that I can do ANYTHING, nothing is impossible. My hubby would also have an easier time with me (completely agree with that) and I think I would’ve loved myself more.

    Thanks for starting this thread Neo❤️Xx

  • This thread really got me thinking... all the ifs, the ands, etc...then I felt really guilty.
    I started to list all the positive things that have come out of my hardships and afflictions. I'm ( i believe) a much nicer, thoughtful person for all my faults. I would if possible, love nothing more than to have never pulled that first hair. Yes, it has destroyed my looks and confidence and, no, in the big scheme of things i don't look or feel like the archetypal female should... long flowing locks etc. but, that girl back then, didn't know all that would unfold from that one moment. How could she. I do now. I'm learning to be kind this fault, and change what I can control.

  • Excellent answer, Julie! I think the main thing that makes this site different from all the other trichotillomania support forums is that upbeat and positive outlook, so you will fit right in. Our motto used to be "This site does not support the victim mentality", back in 1996, but now it is "Here for the whole family, for life."

    I'm looking forward to hearing some other people's stories though, and like you said, we are stronger and kinder BECAUSE of this.

    Love and freedom

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