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This will be the first time I’ve spoken about this since being 11yrs old and I’m now 29yrs old suffering with the same problem.. Trichotillomania. I can’t explain how it all started I just remember looking in the mirror before leaving for school crying that I had clumps of hair missing where I had twisted them and then pulled them out and then decided to eat them bizarrely. Well 18yrs later I no longer pull clumps out but tend to constantly search my scalp for hair bulbs or generally just chew my beard hairs that fall out.. it makes me sick just taking about it and I’m ashamed more than anything, I physically cannot help myself. I go through spells of maybe 6 months where I can control myself but it always goes full circle and I begin chewing my hair again. I suffer with mild depression which I suspect is linked to the trich, I’m married now with a baby on the way but still feel too ashamed and embarrassed to tell my wife and it’s a constant worry trying to hide my hair plucking/eating addiction. I’ve read some threads posted here by other sufferers and I realise I’m not alone in my pursuit to get treatment.. people on here speak about the ‘ritual’ of pulling hair and the bulb of the hair being the main prize, this is true for myself too. I know it’s a shade more unusual for men to come out and talk about this problem but it’s got to a point now where I can’t just fight this on my own because I’m losing the battle. Thanks for hearing my story so far.


  • Hi Mariner90

    Welcome to our slightly crazy family! Good to have you on board.

    You're right that it is a shade more unusual for men to talk about this but we have at least four men here and we females do occasionally shut up for long enough for them to talk. :D

    How well I understand about that root addiction! A recent discovery about this works for hair pulling urges, food cravings, alcohol cravings etc, is that the amino-acid, L-glutamine, which acts on the brain to stop cravings. Get 500mg to 1000mg in a capsule, open the capsule, stick it under your tongue and let it dissolve (for immediate use) otherwise just take 1,000 mg 2 x daily.

    L-glutamine acts like sugar on the brain so if you stick it under your tongue when you are super tired or have a sugar or alcohol craving, your craving will literally vanish.

    I'm sorry to hear that you also have depression and yes, I think it is connected with trichotillomania in your case.

    If you are keen to get treatment I would definitely look into our website some more at as I have helped quite a few men with beard pulling.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey, as you progress.

    Love and pull freedom

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