Partner advice

Yesterday I booked an appointment to discuss fitting an interlace to help recover. This filled me with excitement and I decided to tell my boyfriend about the condition. He knew I had hair loss as I wear clip in extensions but he didn’t know why. He is trying to be supportive but he doesn’t understand and kept asking questions like ‘why do you do it’ ‘ how bad is it’ ‘ why not just stop’. Which resulted in my feeling judged and scared. I told him how it made me feel and he held me and said he just doesn’t understand. I’ve advised he read up but I’m wondering if there is anything else I can say to him to help him help me?
He’s the first person I’ve told. Not even my parents know


  • Hi there EB phoenix

    I just answered a post by you on another topic. I forgot to mention that we will of course support you, no matter what you decide with the intralace.

    Where partners are concerned, it can be really hard to understand or know how to support. This might offer some good advice for you.

    My personal experience with having told partners has been that they try to understand and guide us, but we will just become upset with them no matter what, because we are really most upset with ourselves.

    Our thoughts are with both of you as you come to terms with this condition being in your lives.

    Love and pull freedom

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