Lenka is 80 days in recovery

OMG - just checked the reports this morning to see that Lenka is 80 days pull free. How amazing is that!!! Please take a moment to let her know how well she is doing and hopefully she will pop in and give you all some tips too.

I am so proud of Lenka. Remember, if she can do this, so can YOU.

Love and freedom


  • Hey wooooooow!
    This is sooooo big!!!!
    Just knowing you've reached this milestone is tempting me to get there!

    I hope you will have some tips to offer on what kept you going and doing SO amazingly!
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Best wishes on becoming a TrichStar soon!

    Very very well done!

  • Well done Lenka. This is amazing!
    I got to 75 days once, I know I will again, and hearing you get to day 80, has inspired me to get back to it.
    Great work xx

  • Great work Lenka!!

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    Thank you all, really appreciate your messages!! Yes, it's increadible that I'm over 80 days pull-free now, it feels so good! The coaching I've been doing with Neo since the end of September has DEFINITELY helped to keep my pull-free status. I've previously got to a couple of months pull-free on several occasions over the years but then gradually slipped back into pulling. Neo and the daily reports have been keeping me on my toes! ;-)

    This is really important to me as I have two young daughters who observe / copy my behavious (as young children do) so I want to set the best example (at least most of the time, lol!).

    The key things that help me stay pull free:

    • Neo's coaching (I'm on the 12 month programme)
    • Filling in daily report (it's that awareness thing)
    • Washing my hair every two days, on the third day (if I ever get to it) my hair's so itchy and I find I touch it much more
    • Wearing a hat in the evening when I sit on the sofa doing some work, reading or watchin telly (it's winter now so I have an excuse and hope I don't look too silly ;-)) This is really key for me as we're more likely to pull in our usual places.
    • Wearing a clear crystal bracelet with differently shaped crystals (it's neutral so not so noticeable and goes with different work clothes etc). I can fiddle with it instead of touching my hair.
    • OK - this one won't be for everyone: I have recently started the Whole30 eating programme (where you pretty much eliminate all sugar, alcohol, grains and legumes for 30 days). I am into week 2 and have done it for general health reasons but having eliminated sugar, alcohol, legumes and eating lots of veg and fruit and good protein and fat, I'm sure it's helping my pull-free status too. I did the Whole 30 five years ago and felt amazing afterwards (and lost some weight) but haven't got round to it again until now.

    I think those are the main points but I'll add more if I think of any :-)

    All the best to you amazing ladies and I'm sure you'll be pull-free in no time again! If I can do it, you DEFINITELY can too!!

    Love and pull-freedom,
    Lenka xx

  • Hi Lenka,

    What an amazing story! Thank-you for sharing,& all those good tips too. πŸ˜‰
    You’re absolutely right though, we can all do it as well, & like you say, it’s finding what works.

    Take care,& thank-you again xx

  • Thanks Lisa, all the best :)

  • Hey Lenka

    Thanks for sharing all that!
    It sure has given me lots to think about.

    Take care and keep going, because that's what's keeping us headed forward!

    All the best,
    Joy 😘😘😘

  • Thanks Joy, we all keep each other going for sure! :smile:

  • Great list of tips Lenka. Thanks so much for sharing <3

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