Eyelash pulling

My 8 year old daughter has been pulling her eyelashes out on and off for 2 years or so now. Every time we think she might have stopped, she starts it again. We've been to the doctor and optician but they haven't offered very much. She seems to pick her eyelashes particularly at school, while listening absent-mindedly. We've even resorted to giving her gloves while in class to stop it. Any further advice would be welcomed!


  • Hi there,

    You’ve definitely come to the right place. I started pulling my lashes when I was aged 11, I’m a lot older now. It is possible to become pull free, and I’ve had periods of pull freedom too. It’s not easy, but it’s great that your supporting her.

    I would definitely suggest getting in touch with one of the coaches on here, they will be able to give you, and your daughter lots of help on getting on the road to recovery.

    Take care.x

  • Hi woodmant and welcome. How did your daughter get on with the gloves? Is she wanting to stop or is she not concerned?

    There are some excellent resources for children here: https://www.coaching.care/crystals/index.php?route=product/category&path=79

    The finger covers and recordings along with a reward system tend to work really well with children.

    And do get in touch with us either via the website https://www.trichotillomania.co.uk or on our helpline +447910 114739 :)

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