Help me trichotillomania

I've been dealing with trich for a while now and it seems to be getting very worse. I used to have long and beautiful eyelashes, but now they're very short, sparse, and brittle. My eyelids hurt because I pull so much..and my bottom eyelashes are basically nonexistent. Please help me nay one ?


  • I can honestly say that I know how you feel. We have some great expert advice on this forum. For me, making it through the first 3 weeks was the answer. I spent little time at home, kept myself very busy and told myself it would only take 3 weeks before all my eyelashes were back and no longer in the painful growth period. Then when I had all my eyelashes and eyebrows back, I was able to say that pulling now would just reactivate all that pain and misery. I hope you find this helpful, Jonathan and welcome to the site.

  • Hi, I feel you're pain. I have suffered eyelash pulling for nearly 30 yes. I'm surprised they still grow. I now use tweezers to pull which I really didn't want to do but it getting harder to pull since they are so short. Like you my eye lids get sore and red, they can get into a real mess x
  • Hide the tweezers Heather! It will be tough (really, really tough) but you need to get those things gone. I found the first 3 days after chucking the tweezers really hard, but it does pass. Like Max says - you've got to break that cycle. Pulling when it hurts, then it hurts because you've pulled. Give those eyelashes a chance. Try gently applying vaseline to the sore areas, or holding the back of a metal spoon on your eyes when they feel sore. It sounds mad, but it will help to soothe them and keep your fingers away at the same time. Best of luck and welcome to the site Jonathan.

  • Hi all... just registered today- I need some help...Is it really that easy to hide the tweezers... I use my fingers, plus I can spend hours looking at chin hairs too- plus the fine hair above my lip! I wear false lashes every day and had my brows hyperpigmented as I have none... I want to stop all this pulling!
  • Welcome Vixey1, It is good to meet you. I personally freeze my tweezers in a plastic cup of water, then I have to think carefully about using them. As for using your fingers, I think band-aids on your thumbs would really help you.

    You can do it. New Year, fresh start!

    Love and pull freedom

  • hi,I registered just now and was asking for some help from people that are suffering with the same condition as me. I have been dealing with trichotillomania for about a year and a half now and i have had to cut my hair really short because of it. I get made fun of at my school for having "boy hair" and haven't been able to tell them the real truth. I have had bald patches on the sides and top of my head for a year and I can't make my self stop. i sit at home watching tv and end up having a huge heap of hair in my lap. Then I would go upstairs after picking up the hair of my lap and flushing it down the toilet then stand in front of the mirror for another hour picking out particular hairs that feel nice to pull out .I am 13 and I hate having trich, i really want my long hair back. I'm hoping people here will understand and help me. ❤
  • I know completely how you feel ruby, I lose hours of my life zoning out playing and pulling hair, often in a bit of a trance. The scooping up of the aftermath is the worst cos thats when it really hits me the extent of what I've done. At work i shuffle them all together with my shoe on the floor then when no ones looking quickly gather them up and put them in the bin. I've developed many techniques to conceal bald patches and thinning hair and find hair concealer sprays and powders very helpful, though nothing works as well as a hat!

    It's only been a year and a half for you, break this habit now before it really ingrains itself into your being! Take control of the situation now! You can do it! xxx

  • Does it really only take 3 weeks for lashes to fully grow back? I thought it took longer than that.
  • Hi Randomusername,
    Lash regrowth depends on several factors all at once...your age, how many years you've pulled, how much you pulled out (all vs. some), and your current stage in your "normal" regrowth cycle. I am 41 and still am able to get full re-growth of my lashes and brows, which seems like a miracle after having pulled them all out to baldness for 30+ years. When I relapse, it generally takes 4 months to get "normal" lashes again. But 4 months is not a long time when you think about a lifetime. After about 2 weeks, my lashes seem like they are finally growing, it's the first couple of weeks that are the hardest. Perhaps that is what Max meant when stating this: "told myself it would only take 3 weeks before all my eyelashes were back and no longer in the painful growth period". Those first few days (3 days or up to 21 or more) are very sore...the new lashes are very pokey, right? But, they do soften up and that painful growth period is over. I think that's the most difficult part of lash re-growth, the fact that each time you blink you feel a poke. I tell myself to just "scratch the itch" with my knuckle if it bothers me. I tell myself it's just an itch, pulling out the hair will only make it worse. Self-encouragement will go a long way, flex that urge-surfing muscle!
    Pull free vibes,

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