Hello from a newbie...any advice?

Hi All

I came across this site, when I finally realised that I need help. I can't remember when I first started pulling, but it's progressively got worse over the last 10 years (got married and had 2 children) I suffer with eczema so growing up my hands were never still. I remember I developed some 'sores' on my scalp and to relieve the irritation I would pull the hair, as the area was tender the hair would easily come out. This soon developed into a form of relaxation initially at times of stress but I now I do it whenever my head is uncovered. I have hardly any hair at the front of my head and large patches on the side. I search for particularly coarse hair and now white hair! I have lots of coarse white hair now :-( I guess I don't really know what options I have and whether I'll ever overcome this, and whether I'll have a patch free head and my silky dark hair back. TIA


  • Hi Shaz, welcome to the site. It definitely IS possible to overcome this. Try keeping a journal to see when you're most likely to pull and then take steps to reduce the risk. You could change up your routine, go for a walk, have things to fiddle with nearby that you keep in your danger zones, time the urge to see how long it lasts - anything that works for you. Barrier methods can be really helpful too - gloves and hats, conditioner on your hair, plasters on finger tips. If your scalp feels hot and irritated you could try putting the back of a spoon against the skin to soothe it instead of pulling.

    There are recordings here that can really help too :)

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