Should I get a diagnosis?

Hello! I've been pulling my eyelashes since I was about 5 and turning 20 next week. All my life I've been told I pull because of hayfever and blepharitis, however I think I've always known it's different to that, but struggled to find the words to describe to a doctor. I've only recently discovered trichotillomania and everything made so much sense. Having to find the specific annoying eyelash and not being able to stop pulling, and finding out that other people also eat the hair like me has given me a lot of clarity and reassurance. Would it be worth getting an official diagnosis from the GP even though they can do very little? Thanks and hope everyone is staying safe in quarantine :)


  • Hi hantimps, I think why not? You never know what your GP may be able to offer you. Some people have success with CBT, which your GP can signpost you to in your area, or they may know of a local support group. Definitely worth trying :)

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