I am new to this site. I have been pulling my hair for around 8 years. During this lockdown my picking has got really bad. I am quite anxious/stressed person anyway, and always overthink but I cannot stop. I have certain sections of my hair I pick (and got these weird layers on the bottom part of my hair that I pick the most) but I cant stop and I really want to. I have signed up for a free CBT thing - but the wait is 29 weeks long. I have tried wearing hats, rewards but nothing ever seems to do it for more than like a day. I dont know what triggers it, but it gets in the way of my work and university work. Id really like to stop so if anyone has any ideas that would maybe help (preferably free or cheap!) I would appreciate it. Please let me know,
Thanks x


  • Hi Connie! Try keeping a journal of wheat you're doing, how you're feeling etc when you get the urge to pull. If you can figure out some of those triggers you can start to put things in place to help you when they crop up. So having fiddle toys or gloves on your bedside table, on your sofa, in your car even! See if reducing your sugar and caffeine intake helps too. I didn't realise how anxious coffee was making me until I stopped drinking it :tired_face:

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