New to the forum unfortunately not new to hair pulling and still need help

My name isAmanda and I am new to the forum . Have have pulled my hair out for 27 years Iam now 50 . I can remember the day I started doing it aged 23 and in an unhappy marriage . I have been able to stop on occasions but it hasn’t lasted long! I pull my hair from my scalp mainly at the sides and the back and more recently the crown . I have pulled my pubic hair before but this has stopped many years ago . Currently my anxiety has been high and my hair is mess Iam so embarrassed , this is the first time in 27 years I have used a wig , previously I have tried to cover the baldness with hair bands and scarves . It is too much now I haven’t really worn the wig as it is hot and itchy even though I spent a lot of money on it . I don’t feel right wearing it, my sister says shave my hair off I just can’t see that working because I know it won’t suit me . I have had CBT and still taking citalopram, tried hypnotherapy and using CDs from this site ,I need to commit to listening to them . I know I can do this and your support is most welcome in my journey to manage this and be pull free forever , plus my hands are starting to hurt when I do it .


  • Hi Amanda, welcome! I think the hardest part, initially, is making that commitment to yourself. Set a reminder on your phone to listen to the recordings every night. Make sure you have things you can fiddle with in problem zones. If you pull when you're watching TV, could you cut TV out or have a craft or puzzle to hand that you can whip out when you need to? If you pull in bed try gloves and the recordings.

    Barrier methods can be helpful, so wearing a hat, gloves or having coconut oil in your hair. They make pulling more difficult but you'll still have to tackle those urges to pull. I found when I physically couldn't pull I would feel immense rage and frustration! But that's your opportunity to push through and find something else to do - something to relieve the stress and anxiety that won't damage your hair.

    You've got this! Keep posting and let us know how you get on :)

  • Hi Amanda,

    I too am a scalp puller and I totally feel your pain - I am so ashamed of what I am doing and I need help. With the recent COVID crisis, my pulling has become more extreme and I'm embarrassed to go to the hair dresser. I'm here if you ever need to talk x

  • Thank you I have decided to try a hair integration as I am so unhappy and since I have done this for 27 yrs I need to try this finger cross it will help me pull less
  • I burst into tears at the salon but they were so supportive and have treated other people with TTM
  • Thank you Michelle
  • Hi Amanda, best of luck and let us know how you get on <3

  • Hi on Saturday I had my hair integration system it looks fabulous and I feel great . So no hair pulling for four days which is the first for along time. I no this is not a cure but it is helping me a lot plus I get to have longer hair and feel feminine x
  • That is wonderful news! Half of the battle is feeling good about yourself. And, figuring out what helps. I am so glad you are thinking so positively. I wear false eyelashes everyday and sometimes I feel like "normal people don't have to wear falsies" but that is just a lie. People wear them all the time. Same for you. People wear hair all the time. It's fashion my friend. It makes people feel good. Do what works. Love yourself!
    Great job!

  • Hope things are going well Amanda. Are you still managing to not pull?

  • Hi i am kirsty and I am new to the group. I been pulling my hair out since I was 10 I am now 27 I stopped when I was 17 until about 18 and started again and I just can't STOP i have tryed everything and I am at the last straw I hardly go out as I feel so embarrassed about my hair I hate it
  • The system is certainly working but not completely pull free sometimes the connections get annoying but my hair underneath is growing so feeling like it is working . I would recommend as I dint feel embarrassed anymore and the salon is so helpful
  • Hey Amanda, How you getting on? I think its so great you found a solution that works for you, that day you get all that long hair is so great isn't it? wishing you loads of success!

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