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Hi, I have been pulling hair on and off for the last 20 odd years and this time it is bad. It started as a response to anxiety and stress as far as I remember but now it is more of an unconscious habit in that I realise I pull my hair even while thinking calmly. I have a few questions and would appreciate your feedback.
1. Has any of your hair frown back in full and if so can you please recommend any products or treatments?
2. I am thinking of using a full head wig for daytime until my hair grows back in full. Would you recommend this and has any of you bad experience of hair growing back abnormally whilst wearing wig during the day and taking off at night?
3. Have any of you been through an habit reversal treatment and does it work?

Sorry for blast of questions and I would highly appreciate your input and patience.



  • Hi S,
    I’m an eyelash puller so I can’t help with your questions, I just want to say welcome and encourage you that this is a great place to start. HRT has been helpful for me along with ACT and being aware of and taking action to prevent my triggers. Good luck!
  • Hi S,

    1. yes my hair grew back really thick and full. You have to take care of your scalp though. Scalp massage with any oils. Jamaican Black castor oil, emu oil, almond oil are all great for hair growth. Take Biotin and/or collagen supplements for hair and skin. Also there is a bit of a pricey serum treatment called 'grow gorgeous hair', I find that quite good.

    2. I don't believe a wig should make a big difference but you're taking it off in the evenings anyway. So as long as your scalp is breathing and you're giving your head a break from the wig. I don't see why growth should be abnormal.

    3. I'm not sure what that is exactly but I did get therapy with Neo a few years ago. It was really helpful. it changed my life for the better and I was pull free for 5+ years till a recent bump. The best advice I got from Neo was that I would pull again at some point but it'll be easier to stop. This has proved true for me.

    My hair is super long and thick now, so I'm just sharing what worked for me. This is from basically no hair to full head of hair.

  • Thanks Heather for the welcome. Appreciate all your support.
    Gir, really appreciate your feedback. I am scared that my hair may never grow back to it's original thickness. But I will try out the oils and serum you mentioned. I was thinking of trying Minoxidil but heard that it may not be for everyone. Also, might be a daft question but what is Neo?

  • Hi S

    Welcome to the forum! I can imagine getting on here and asking for support was a big step, so well done you! :+1:

    I've mainly been pulling from my scalp for the past five years, I've recently joined the coaching program, with Neo. She's the top coach at, a past puller herself. Since I've joined coaching I've really become much better equipped to fight my urges and get past stressors. I'm just over 110 days PF now and that feels amazing! Hit this link to find out more about coaching, it's definitely worth thinking about.

    I did have bald spots and they've mostly grown back by now. Some hairs are a bit more coarse and thick now, but so glad to have my hair back! A wig should work well during the day - I know some other pullers do that and wear a bandanna at home for comfort. Good luck with moving ahead, I'm sure you CAN get through this!! <3

    Sending positive vibes! :kissing_heart:
    Joy, xxxxx

  • Ooops! Haha sorry S, yeah as Joy said, Neo is a Coach from this website.

    What I would say about the medicinal hair growth products available is to beware as I've heard a lot of weird stuff about them e.g.. some of them make you lose your hair first and then regrow it. I've never used them but I think other people have with varied results.

    I think you don't know what your hair will look like when its back so maybe if you want my take on it then I would avoid using a medical treatment meant for a medical condition when your situation is a type of psychological behavioural condition. Idk if that makes sense. Try out the natural way first and if you feel you need the other stuff then go for it. But in the end its your decision, make sure to read a lot of reviews for those medicinal treatments.

    But deff buy a scalp massager from anywhere, you can get them for like a couple of pounds from Ebay etc. They're just wire spindle things with balls at the end of the 'fingers'. They're really good for keeping your actual fingers out of your hair and increasing blood flow to your scalp for hair growth. Create a healthy environment on your head for hair growth, give your body the right supplements to promote growth and you will be surprised by your results in a couple of months.

  • Hey S,
    I've been pulling for almost 9 years now and I also pull from my head. Even though the intensity or the numbers of hairs that I pull at once has reduced considerably because I've started to make a conscious effort to stop it, I still do find it hard on some days.
    I too had a lot of bald spots and like Gir said massaging with oil really helps. Coconut oil, almond oil or castor oil are all good whichever you prefer in terms of the viscosity of each.
    I prefer coconut because its a lot thinner in consistency and isn't as strong in scent as the other two. Start by massaging from front to back of your head, either overnight or like an hour before you take a shower. The thing with oil is that they take quite sometime to see actual results but you've got to give yourself a solid 3 months before the texture of the hair changes back and the new hairs grow. But dont worry you're doing great and its all going to come back to normal.
    More strength to you <3


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    Thank you all for your support and kind words. I was rather apprehensive posting here but took my chances and I am glad I did. I will try out the oils and the serum @Gir and @Kitty. I have tried consultation before but had a really bad experience but will think about it and thank you for you recommendation @Gir and @Joy. I have a couple of spots in my crown region where the hair hasn't grown for years now so I am not sure if I have damaged follicles. I hope I haven't. I very rarely have a strong urge to pull. Although have realised that it has become more of a unconscious act now.
  • Hi S,
    I have been pulling for 8 years from my scalp. It still keeps growing back, even if its white or grey, but I noticed that after a while if I am able to leave it alone pigmentation also slowly returning to my hair.
    I have been wearing full head wigs for 6 years on and off. I tried all sort of styles and makes, real hair, cheap synthetic and also good quality synthetic. It helps me regain my confidence but also works as a barrier to stop me from pulling. I find wearing wigs easy, not uncomfortable at all. Wigs nowadays are so good quality, secure and comfy, not bothering me much. But obviously it can be tricky in certain situations, like swimming or over the summer when its hot.
    Also, Neo warned me about using wigs. She said - and I actually noticed this myself -, that wearing it all the time may slow down regrowth, damage your scalp and hair underneath, as it is rubbing on your scalp and preventing hair from breathing and growing freely.
    The other thing I experienced, is that once you start wearing wigs, it may be difficult going out without them, once you commit to a style - if you understand what I mean. Unless you are quite easy about changing your hairstyles often and not bothered what people may think.
    If you only have a few spots that needs covering, you could try keratin hair fibres, a powder you can put on the sports to cover them up. You can order them from amazon, ant quite effective. Hope this helps. xx

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