Root eating


I'm 29 years old and have only recently realized that my constant hair pulling and eating is a disorder that many suffer with. I've done it for as long as I can remember and for the most part never questioned or worried about it. I've had many bald patches from pulling which luckily have always grown back alright.

My biggest worry is the fact that I actually bite my hairs into tiny pieces until it feels non existent in my mouth, is there anybody that could tell me if these micro hairs will have a negative effect on me? It's something I really don't notice I'm doing until someone points it out.

Maybe someone else who does something similar could help me? I don't envision that I could go more than a few hours without pulling my hair out, I'd slip back into it without realising. Any tips for stopping would be great



  • Hi Rodders and welcome to the forum!

    Small amounts of hair, if eaten, won't cause too much trouble. The human body can't break it down so hair can accumulate and cause issues if more is eaten than the body can get rid of.

    If you're finding yourself pulling without realising, the first hill to climb is making yourself aware. Bringing the behaviour out of the subconscious. It can be really helpful to keep a journal and log when and where you are when you pull, how you're feeling etc. This can help you to look for patterns. You might notice that you always pull when watching television in the evening for example, or when driving. You can then make small changes to try to retrain your brain away from the unwanted behaviour. You could change your routine and go for a walk instead of watching TV, or keep a fidget toy on the sofa. You could start keeping a pair of gloves in the car. It takes time, but it is possible and there's lots of support and advice here on the forum and also on our website

    Best of luck <3

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