Men who pull eyelashes and eyebrows?

Feel like I'm the only guy out there who suffers this! I know I am not (long time occasional visitor) been aware exactly what my problem has been since around the age of 16 (37 now) pulled since I was probably 4 to 5 earliest memories possibly, eyelashes first eyebrows more around early teens.

I find it hard to talk to anyone.. a few ex gfs, my mum once when I literally felt like I couldn't leave the house and just had to explain wtf was going on. Been a rough year (not heard that phrase lately!!) parents been ill, work been awful, broke up with gf. And its taken its toll after whats been a good few years, not pull free by any means but not hampering my daily life either.

So.. any other guys out there like me, I have read so many women with these same issues. But never seem to see it with men.

Just too add. In the 30 plus years I've had this issue, whatever we want to call it I have many times visited my local gp. Always ended up being given anti depressants which id never take and felt like a pointless process. Also am alone in feeling like its something we just have to accept and deal with when it comes and goes. I feel like a visit to my gp would be pointless or interpreted as "he's depressed if he's doing that" again.

Sorry for rambling n thanks for reading.


  • Hi Andy,

    Great to meet you. I just want to reassure you that you are far from the only person who experiences this!!!

    I don't think you are depressed at all. We are here to help so please keep popping in and let us know how you are doing. You are not alone, even though it is natural to feel that you are. Reach out to us and see if you can do 3 days pull free for now.

    Let us know when you reach that goal!

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hello Andy I am the same feel alone at times but I know there are others out there feeling the same! Guys don’t talk about these kind of things so you’ll probably find it’s more common than what you think! Stay strong
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