• I'm sorry @joy I hope things are better , I hope your family situation gets well soon ): don't be too hard on yourself

  • @yurisen thank you for your kind message, it means so much to me.

  • Bedtime Tuesday 26th Jan - 11:35pm

  • I feel you Joy! I'm far too late to bed and early to rise. Keep at it. It takes time to forge new habits and you're doing so well

  • Hey @Joy so sorry to hear about your family situation, I've had a bunch of that too. Its a sucky time right now. Sending you well wishes <3

  • JoyJoy
    edited February 2021

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for your support @Yurisen, @Michelle Harper and @Gir!

    It's been a really rough few weeks and I haven't gotten on here because bedtime's been a total disaster and I've been a wreck. It's time I get back on track with my self-care and routine, I've really not been doing well without it. My first night back on the mend, looking after Joy and pampering me up a bit. I deserve it too!

    Bedtime Tuesday 9th Feb - 11:15pm

    Looking forward to the good feeling of resting up at last!

    Good night and sweet dreams to you all, xxxx

  • Well done Joy. Self-care is so important and in theory not particularly taxing, so why is it so hard to do??

  • Thank you, @Michelle Harper, it really is so important!! I've felt so much better from a good night's sleep. It just takes real grit to do!!! Nightlife is so fun, why be FOMO and sleep?!?! Lol!! We can and should do it, it's so worth it!! Together makes it easier for everyone.

    Challenge for all: Try to make it to bed just half an hour earlier, slowly you'll get there. At @Neo's advice, a reminder on my phone to go to my bedroom and get to bed has been instrumental in helping me wrap up my day.

    Good luck to all, keep us posted!!

  • Bedtime Wednesday 10th Feb - 11:15pm

  • Hey People,

    I've lost the habit of getting on here to report my bedtime - going to try get back into things. Another alarm on my phone may just help!

    Bedtime Thursday 11th Feb - 11:30pm- but was still tossing and turning at 2:20am, I had a doctor appointment early morning and was stressed about being up on time. So not sleeping helps huh?!?!

    Bedtime Friday 12th Feb - 10:50pm

    Bedtime Saturday 13th Feb - 12:00am - gotta chill sometime too. I did a night shift with my precious little newborn niece and slept the morning through.

    Bedtime Sunday 14th Feb - 11:00pm

    Bedtime Monday 15th Feb - 11:15pm

    Going keep at it!!

    Love and sweet dreams to you all!

  • Aw @Joy you're doing great
  • Thank you for your support @yurisen! I appreciate it a lot!!

    Hope you're doing okay. xxxx

  • Bedtime Tuesday 16th Feb - 11:30pm

  • Got a nap earlier, but glad to be off to bed now!

    Bedtime Wednesday 17th Feb - 11:45pm

    Hope you're all doing alright, xxxxx

  • Celebrated my birthday with my family tonight so a it's a late night, but I had a great tiime and deserved it!!

    Bedtime Thursday 18th Feb - 1:00am

    All the best to you, xxxx

  • Happy Birthday, Joy!
  • Happy birthday Joyyyy
  • Hey thank you, thank you @R2021 and @yurisen!!!
    Many happy years to us all!!

  • Bedtime Friday 19th Feb - 11:30pm

    Bedtime Saturday 20th Feb - 11:30pm

  • Bedtime Sunday 21st Feb - 11:30pm

  • Needed to just let go and chill tonight and thought I'd do that with my sister, coz I really needed company too. She turned me down which was quite upsetting, but I get to bed earlier than expected.

    Bedtime Monday 22nd Feb - 11:30pm

  • Been babysitting my little newborn niece for longer than expected, very tired now and late for bed. 😒 Better effort tomorrow.

    Bedtime Tuesday 23rd Feb - 12:30am

  • Bedtime Wednesday 24th Feb - 11:15pm

  • Hope you're doing well @joy in all other aspects of your life too!! ❤️
  • Thank you for your kind message @Yurisen!
    It's been tough but I'm chugging on - or trying to at least.

    All the best to you, xx

  • Hiya,

    Been a busy few days and bedtime was not too good, but I've been able to sleep in, in the mornings to catch up on missed sleep.

    Bedtime Thursday 25th Feb - 2:45am
    Bedtime Friday 26th Feb - 11:30pm
    Bedtime Saturday 27th Feb - 3:00am - Played a locked-room game with my family and that kept me up late, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    Tonight I hope to be back to my regular bedtime routine. I'll keep you posted soon...

    Have a great day, xxxx

  • I spent the day organizing my things, spring cleaning my room and it feels great!!
    Bedtime Sunday 28th Feb - 11:45pm

  • Bedtime Monday 1st Mar - 4am.

    It's embarrassing, and a real shame but I really slipped up badly with that late night. I'm glad I had the courage to get on here and be honest with you all. Also, it's helping me get back on track tonight.

    Bedtime Tuesday 2nd Mar - 11:30pm

    All the best to you, xxxx

  • Woohoo!! I've completed project organizing!!! It feels so so good to have my room so clear and clean with a ton of stuff given away and thrown out! I deserve the best bedroom ever - it's so much more inviting now.

    So a good night in time and I will sleep like a princess!!

    Bedtime Wednesday 3rd Mar - 11:15pm

    Night night all, xxxxx

  • Congrats to you @Joy! Been following your Bedtime Reports for a while now. I know what you mean about finishing an organizing project. I'm a bit of a ClutterBug/hoarder myself and it's difficult for me to find the energy to tackle big projects like that. I've always thought that my hoarding causes some of my anxiety, which in turn causes my Trich. I've got to learn to just take a little bit at a time. It's ok if I don't finish it all in one day. And you're right, what a feeling when it's done! I hope your story inspires me to take some stabs at my spring cleaning this year 🤞

    Sweet dreams Princess 😉

    Take care!

    The Sloth
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