• Well done for being so consistent @Joy! Even through the few bumps, its so inspiring. I got to bed at 11:30 yesterday and thought of you lol. Having a clear space does so much good for your mental space I notice. Hope you are doing ok <3

  • JoyJoy
    edited March 2021

    Thank you for your beautiful message @SleepySloth!
    I fully relate to being a bit of a hoarder and so this project was amazing in getting rid of lots of stuff! I'm quite proud that I actually did it!! When you're ready see if you can do it yourself - you'll feel amazing from it!!

    It's not for nothing that they say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind - it can so be the cause of more anxiety. I see what you mean and now that I've improved with it I feel so much lighter!!

    Good luck and good vibes, xxxx

  • Thank you @Gir for your kind words - I'm really trying hard, your encouragement means a lot!

    I'm glad you hit your pillow early and it reminded you of my new routine - how did that early night feel? Would you try it again?

    Love and good vibes, xxxxx

  • Bedtime Thursday 4th Mar - 11:30pm

  • Hi Joy and SleepySloth, how are you both doing? I am sure you can encourage each other with regard to organising.

    Structure is so important in trichotillomania. I do think we often struggle with these things which can seem to come so naturally to others.

    I tend to hoard too, and last night I spent a little time clearing out some stuff. Before having read this, but I'm definitely planning a big clear-out soon! Let us know when you do yours, Sleepy.

    Joy, keep working on that bedtime too.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Thank you @Neo for your lovely message - I appreciate it a lot! And well done for your organizing too!

    The last few days have been okay, just didn't get to report on here... Pretty exhausted from feeling low today so off to bed now.

    Bedtime Monday 8th Mar - 11:00pm

  • Okay, another few messed-up days in many ways, which only made me feel awful.
    But this week I'm getting back on track!!

    Bedtime Sunday 14th Mar - 11:30pm

    Will try keep you posted as the week goes on... xxxx

  • Not an easy day and just had to let out, so went on a long walk with a friend at night. I missed my bedtime having to take care of things when I got home. I needed it regardless!

    Bedtime Monday 15th Mar - 1:30am

  • Hey all,

    Gosh it's been forever since I've been on this thread!!

    Well proud to say I'm in bed before 10pm and really want to keep this going this week and further... Hopefully it will help me resist my urges better too as pulling's been quite bad the last bit.

    Hope you lot are doing alright.

    Sending love and good vibes to you all, xxxxx

  • Hi Joy, just caught up with your thread. What a great idea and totally needed as don't think many pay attention to how important sleep is. So glad to see you're updating again, please keep us posted how you're getting on.
  • Hiya,

    Thanks for your kind words @Ama. I really appreciate hearing from you - it gives me something to work towards.

    Had a wonderful night's sleep but was quite shocked to see so many bad bald patches in the morning as I was less in a rush for a change - it sure made me think about the fact that I should be putting more effort in to resist pulling, hopefully being more rested will help.

    Looking forward to keeping you posted here, take care xxx

  • Day 2 back on the challenge and I'm in bed before 11:30pm.
    So proud of myself for cutting off and making it to bed!!

    Hope to keep posting with good results, xxxx

  • Hi Joy! I missed you on here! Glad to see you're posting again.
  • Thanks so much for your lovely message @R2021!
    I missed you too. How are you doing?

    Lots of love, xxxx

  • Hey @R2021, thanks for your lovely message!
    I missed you too. How are you doing?

    Lots of love, xx

  • Not such a good night tonight. 😟
    Got a spontaneous visit from a friend so my night went off kilter.... Off to sleep now at 12:30.
    Hope to be better tomorrow....

  • Hey Joy, you're doing so well. Sometimes stuff happens that are outside of your control, like your friend visiting. It's nothing to beat yourself up over, it's important to nurture every aspect of our lives, that too helps with anxiety which in turn helps with urges.

    Do the best with what you CAN control and rest of the time just go with it. And be kind to yourself. :)
  • I'm doing well, tomorrow is 8 months pull free for me 🥳😍🤩, 241 days!!! Can't believe I got here!
  • Hey @Joy, how has the rest of the week gone?

  • Hey people,

    Hope you are all doing alright.

    Thanks for all your kind encouragement, it really means a lot to me. Ive had a rough few weeks and sort of gave up on myself but took a little break this weekend and want to start caring for myself again.

    I'm in bed now at 9:30pm and hope to maintain a good record this week, if I'm able to follow there will be a reward next week... Looking forward to keeping you posted...

    Best regards all and keep going xxxx

  • Best of luck Joy <3

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