Hi all,
It's my first time posting on hear. When I first signed up for trich coaching 6 months ago, I was advised by my coach to use the forum but I wasn't very keen on it because it felt vulnerable to post about my struggles with trich. I have been pulling my hair on my scalp since I was 9 and I don't know what really triggered it. I'm now 26 and still struggling more than ever. The coaching sessions have been helping me in the last six months but I've had times when I've managed a few days being pull free and some days when I fall of the wagon. I've decided that I want to join the forum after reading other peoples comments about how helpful this community has been to them and reading about the progress has given me more hope that one day i might be pull free too. I hope i can get the accountability and support from this community and also offer my support too. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.


  • 7th January 2021- I haven't pulled from my scalp, but I pulled 2 eyelashes that were sticking out. I didn't beat myself up over it. I just have to push forward.
  • Hi @Steph

    Well done for taking the courage to come on the forum. I know it's a big step and am so proud of you for doing this for your own recovery. It certainly is the place where everyone accepts you for who you are and the challenges you face. There is so much love, support and kindness on here, and I'm so glad you've joined the trich family.

    It must be difficult having pulled for so long, good thing you're on the road to freedom now! Well done for not beating yourself up about your slight slip up and for resisting urges to pull from your scalp!!

    I've also joined coaching around 6 months ago, probably a bit more by now, and it's been a massive help for me too.

    I have faith in you. Keep focus, you've got this!

    Looking forward to hearing how you're doing.

    Lots of love and pull free vibes, xxxx

  • @Joy Thank you so much for your encouragement, I really appreciate the love. I wish you all the best on this journey to being pull free 😊 xx
  • 8th January 2021- yesterday was a good day even though I pulled once from my scalp, I still count it as progress. I've got a scalp massager to help with the itchiness on my scalp. I managed to get myself distracted when I started to pull by doing house chores and I also started embroidery to keep my hands busy when I'm bored. I feel more hopeful that I will be pull free one day.
  • @Steph thanks for your kind message!

    You're doing so well with all of those new boundaries and tools. Be proud!👌
    Keep going hun, xxxx

  • 9th January 2021- I had a productive morning and afternoon where I managed to cook and clean, and I didn't have my headscarf in during that time. However, I found myself pulling on my scalp a little in the evening when I was bored. I think I should have really planned to do things to distract me when I'm bored, so that was disappointing. In the end I had to put my headscarf back on to stop me from pulling. Hoping to do better next time.
  • Hi @steph
    I hope you realise how when you pulled that day is a huge lesson learned. Before I also used to only wear my hat when I study and sleep but then through the hard way I realised that I pulled when I finished studying and before or when I nip into the toilet or as I am going up the stairs. Your mind attacks you when you are most vulnerable and that carries on to even make me pull during studying when I had the hat on!

    Now I learned to wear the hat all the time unless I pass a month of trich free (hopefully) but as well as that I have a scalp massager with me at all times when I'm alone because that's a danger zone. I hope you have changed things from last time ik it can be hard to get back up sometimes. :3

    ~ Yuri
  • Hi Steph, how are things? It can be handy to plan ahead for idle times, especially if you find yourself in the same places when you feel bored. You could keep some fiddle toys, knitting/jigsaw/hobby stuff, or inspirational post-its in a basket in the lounge or next to your bed, or wherever your danger zone is!

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