On a scale of 1-10 how are you feeling?

I did this post on another support site that I'm on and it went down super well. I wanted to share here for anyone who needs it!

Basically what you do is follow this format -

What number you feel (1 being lowest, 10 being highest) -

Why it isn't higher -

Why isn't it lower -

What can you do to go up the scale a little -

I really love this one because it helps you break down how you're feeling and think about how to feel better <3

Hope someone finds this as helpful!


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    Oh @anch0r33 that sounds like a great idea! Especially for those of us who don't journal alot.

    Feeling: 7
    Why not higher: I didn't get to do many of the things on my to do list today because of lack of sleep and a 2 hour nap I took yesterday and there's so many things that need to be done :(

    Why not lower: I still did 4 tasks today and know what I need to do tomorrow! And also I'm still scalp pull free :)

    Move the scale up: I could sleep earlier today ( which I'm doing right now) and make sure I don't take a 2 hour nap in the evening tomorrow! Hehe

    Thanks for the format !! It should be a daily journaling prompt 🤍
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