Coursework Anxiety

First post here. 36 years old, been pulling eyebrows and beard since 17 years old and has escalated to arms, legs and chest during lockdown (a lot more painful and self harm like) Been going through the course for a few months now but I find that along with working from home (mainly design work, virtual meetings and emails on a computer) that even though I'm desperate to kill the pulling, grow a beard, leave the eyebrows alone, stop zoning out on arms and legs, anything 'admin like' is such a chore and I get overwhelmed with it, often leading to the pull zone. I know that I need to commit to the course to get results and stop accepting every pull zone and pretending every time I am forced to shave to the wood due to too many patches that that will be the last time. Almost half way through the course now and I really need to step up. More getting this off my chest (instead of hair!) rather than trying to find an answer but would be nice to know if I'm not alone with anxiety about a course to tackle anxiety... frustrating!


  • Hi @carl P !! Welcome to the forum here is a warm community where you can share anything bothering you as if it's a journal but one that talks back and responds to help you piece things together.

    Aside from that I haven't been involved in a course to help tackle anxiety before so I wouldn't know much of how you feel towards it. But if you're halfway through the course and it hasn't helped you maybe that course is not for you but yeah if you know it would help if you put more effort in then that's a different story :3

    There's alot of really great people here with awesome advice and since I'm not experienced with this I'm sure someone else will come and respond here soon !

    Again welcome and good luck on your journey, try reading some of the other posts here they might inspire you.

  • Hey Carl and Yuri

    Good to see more men posting. I looked on the main site and noticed that now this program is now an online course. So ironic, Carl, that you have anxiety for tackling the course about anxiety. I think it is so typical. I used to go months without replying to Neo's emails so I understand what you are going through.

    Pretty much, you are tackling the acceptance state right now. This is the worst stage of any addiction, accepting this is a problem and wont go away. It took me months and probably years to get this. I kept going back to my old relaxation methods and wonder why pulling took over. For me it was about wearing a hat, shaving my beard away, accepting if I could get at my hair I would do.

    I started thinking about the emails as time for myself. My wife was supportive, even to the point of threatening to leave at times if I didn't stick to the anger work.

    No pulling now for me for well over 20 years so yeah, stick with the course and you could soon be living a pull free life like me.

    Love and pull freedom

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