Hi, I'm new here!

So happy to have found this website and to have this support system!


  • Welcome @R2021 💘
  • Hiya, welcome @R2021

    So glad you've joined us! It takes courage getting one here, so well done for finding that strength!!

    We'd love to hear from you when you feel comfortable, but in the meantime get a sneak around the other threads - there's great stuff on here and some amazing and highly motivated individuals that you'll get to know.

    All the best and lots of pull free vibes, xxxx

  • Hi, everyone. I've been 8 days pull free. Today we had a snow day and was home from work today and was scared I was gonna pull because I wasn't so busy during the day. But got through today!
  • That's amazing @R021 !!! Good luck going into the second week
  • Hey @R2021,

    That's fabulous work!!!! So proud of you for doing this even when it was a difficult day. What do you think helped you?

    Keep going, you've got this!!!

  • Thanks yurisen and Joy!
    When I was about to start pulling I was thinking that I wanted to have another day of filling out my daily report as zero pulling so that helped me and I got up and started tidying up the house a bit to keep my hands busy.
    Weekends are hardest for me to control myself not to pull. I'll let you all know how this weekend goes.
    Take care everyone
  • Hi, everyone hope you are all doing okay. Happy to report back that this weekend I was pull free :)
  • That's great @R2021 , I'm on day 1 again :)
  • Yes, well done @R2021!!!

    How are you doing now?

    Good job getting back up @Yurisen!! You can do this, xxxxx

  • I'm still pull free as of now :)
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