Changing my everything

So I want to make this discussion for everything we struggle with alongside Trich/ other BFRBs. This is because I know working on other aspects of my life could have a big impact on my stress levels and the amount of pulling that I do, so this is for people to share anything they're struggling with like bad sleep, bad organisation, working on relationships and trying to develop your mentality to a growth one, without needing to start a new discussion. I don't know if this will benefit anyone but I hope it does.

Ofcourse it's up to you guys if you want to use this discussion but I will be using it to updating on different aspects of my life every now and then :3 alongside stating your struggles or how you've been doing, it would be really good to also reflect on it and say what you could do tomorrow to make it better ❤️

~ Yuri


  • As for how I've been doing, my sleep is not so good, yesterday I slept at 5 am and had to wake up 3 hours after that for school, this really triggered me and stressed me out in lesson because I got late to it because I couldn't get up from my bed. But it's because yesterday I had to finish some last minute work off and submit an application that was due. On average I sleep at 1-3 am which are still pretty horrific considering I need to wake up at 8 am for lessons.

    To reflect on this: I will be forcing myself to wake up at 6 am everyday, especially considering that I am also moving houses so there's alot more work added to my routine. By waking up at 6 am I will also sleep before midnight, ofcourse if I'm waking up that early I'll probably finish my work of the day early so there would be no pressure to stay up later than midnight to do last minute work :3

    I hope everyone is doing well
  • I need to work exercise into my daily routine. It benefits me in so many ways, but I really struggle unless I can have a set time each day to do it. That feels impossible at the moment with the kids and their varying school/nursery/sleep/no sleep schedules. So that's me giving up before I've even started.

    I'm going to set an alarm on my phone for 9:30 every day and try to do 15 minutes. It's enough if I try, I don't have to succeed (I'm picturing toddler climbing all over me while I'm throwing shapes on a yoga mat).

    Did you get up with your alarm @yurisen?

  • Hi @Michelle Harper , I totally understand about the kids , I have siblings and when they're around it's hard to do the things I want to do. I hope you find a way though, keep pushing to get it done because as you said it has many benefits.

    As for my sleeping schedule it's improving, maybe it was a bit unrealistic to just say I'm gonna wake up everyday at 6 am when I practically had made bad sleep into a daily routine (waking up at 1-2 pm). For now I've been sleeping mostly before midnight as I had planned for but I'm waking up at 11 am... It's like I wake up for my alarm at 6-8am but give myself time to rest before getting up and then just drifting back to sleep..

    So for now I'm going to stop giving myself that much time to rest after I wake up and hoping that it would work to atleast allow me to wake up earlier than 11 am :3
  • Hey @yurisen, I'm exactly the same with my alarm. I just don't want to wake up! Have you tried putting it out of reach? Drinking a couple of glasses of water before bed can help with getting up in the morning too lol.

    I haven't managed any exercise yet... I have managed to think about exercising a lot though.

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    Haha it's ok thinking about it alot will eventually lead to it manifesting.

    Yes putting it out of reach would be good but my parents sleep next door and walls are really thin so I can't afford to let my alarm go off for a long time. Oooo as for the water I have accidently tried it and it made me wake up at 7 am because I really needed to pee 😂 I think I will try it knowingly this time, thanks for reminding me!

    @Michelle Harper
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