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I came back on here for some support to break the vicious cycle I've found myself in for the past however long.

Started my PF journey on 28th September. Hope to see some regrowth in time for Chrismas.

Day 1 was hard as it was constantly on my mind but I managed to get through OK.

Day 2 was even worse as last night I found myself teasing my remaining lashes and brows. Luckily caught myself and didn't pull any. This was a bit interesting cause I am usually aware what I'm doing, I just reach a low point and don't care. Also had a dream I was pulling, lol. 😵

So day 3 today, will keep this thread going, hope it can help.



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    So I've generally been doing OK, apart from a thingie that happened on day 3, I scratched at my left brow with two fingers and think one came away...didn't even realise what had happened and couldn't find said hair afterwards so no idea what to do about it...

    Day 4 I caught all attempts and had little difficulty not falling back into old habits.

    Day 5 today, I went to get my hair dyed and it's been smooth sailing so far. Strange as in the past it would be around this time I would start to struggle. I'm trying to not even think about my lashes or brows, not touch them, not even acknowledge they're a part of my face. Just pretend they're not even there...well except for when I need to draw new ones on in the mornings. 😆

  • Day 6 went well, had to catch myself a few times though, especially in the evening but got through it.

    Day 7, ONE WHOLE WEEK! Was again difficult and didn't want to post until I've gotten through it but happy to report I've now been a week PF! Haven't been able to say that in ages!

    As for the scratching incident few days ago, think I'll put it as one of those things and keep going... After all hairs do come loose whether we're pulling or not and don't want to dwell on it and ruin all the progress I've made so far.
  • Day 8 was by far the most difficult so far. Decided yesterday I'll shape my brows (which are drawn with make-up 24/7) as there was lots of hair underneath. So started with the right one and wasn't happy as the make-up wasn't perfect and had to use it as a guide so had a very restless and difficult evening teasing and teasing but luckily didn't pull anything I shouldn't.

    Day 9 today, I washed off the make-up and shaped as best as I could with what there was and then filled them back in. Very happy with the result and feels like a weight has been lifted! Plan is to let them grow in now and hope eventually won't need to fill them in anymore.

    If I get through today got double figures to look forward to tomorrow! It's interesting I've been struggling with brows so much this week but have barely felt the urge with lashes. That's how my problem started back when I was 9 years old and it just spread from there.
  • Day 10 almost over, will be away over the weekend for my daughter's 3rd bday, so wanted to post in case I don't get the chance later. Looking forward to it, mainly because when I'm away pulling isn't as much of an issue as I'm kept busy. It does happen but usually not so hope to come back just as strong in a couple of days.

    Hope everyone are doing well!
  • Hi Ama! Oh I just replied to your other post before seeing this one. What a great idea to keep a diary. Thank you for sharing here <3

  • Thanks Michelle, this is what we used to do in the old forum, it made tremendous difference for me!

    So the weekend went off without a hitch (day 11, 12 & 13), came back yesterday royally shattered and when I woke up this morning first thing I did was go for my lashes before I went HANG ON! Luckily, no harm done but it's so easy to fall into that trap. Don't know how you guys who have gone months PF do it...*bow*.

    Had to consult a calendar and looking forward to 2 weeks PF tomorrow.
  • So I'm 14 days PF now and on day 15 today and really struggling.

    Got a shock yesterday when thinking we'll be moving in a matter of weeks that our buyers pulled out so have to start the whole thing over again and worried we will lose the house we are buying.

    Since then I have been trying really hard not to pull but my hands keep going up as I keep playing different scenarios in my head. Didn't sleep well last night as kept worrying. Also am almost 28 weeks pregnant so don't want to stress but am so emotionally invested now that don't see how I will get over losing this house. We lost the first house we were trying to buy and it's still a thorn in my side.

    Got a viewing tonight so praying it will work out.
  • Day 16 yesterday was really hard, again couldn't stop going for the hairs but once again didn't pull. Really miss the pulling now, this is horrible.

    Day 17 today and one eyebrow from right side came loose. Didn't pull it luckily as didn't feel the 'pop' but reminded me of the fact that it's probably just a matter of time before I cave in. 😞 Regrowth has started to come in, eyelashes are definitely coming in, don't know about eyebrows as still using the powder, but it would be a real blow on top of everything else. Been trying to distract by doing other stuff but it's just exchanging one thing for another, I need to stop, but one thing at a time!

    I really miss the 'kick' I get from pulling, trying to find that right one and when I do, after several duds usually, it's the best and worst feeling. And round and round it goes!

    I don't know what to do... Keep going 'only one, it'll be ok' but know that's the Trich Monster talking. 😕
  • Day 18 was easier, probably because after a stressful week with chain falling apart and intense viewings we accepted an offer and fixed it. Have to do all we can to chase solicitors etc. now so we can complete ASAP. Fingers crossed!

    Day 19 yesterday and I went for my 2nd Covid jab which always stresses me out, being pregnant and all, so spent all day with an aching arm and willing to feel movements. This is a stressful part of the pregnancy anyway and with everything else going on as well I must confess I was daydreaming about pulling and when I went to tease managed to catch myself every time. There is one eyebrow on left side which keeps calling me but still hanging in there.

    Am kind of proud I managed to get through this week and everything PF but am aware the threat is still there and wish to see a time when pulling won't be on my mind as much.

    Day 20 today and hopefully will be celebrating 3 weeks tomorrow. Still haven't checked the regrowth except while brushing my teeth, want to wait a few more weeks when I hopefully get some good news about the house move etc.
  • Day 21 today which means I'm a few hours off 3 weeks PF! I know I should probably be jumping for joy but I feel so deflated.

    The house move troubles haven't gotten better and on top of it we're getting blamed for the breakdown when our EA told us nothing of the problem with our previous buyers and even though we fixed the chain now had to make several phone calls to EAs and solicitors today as nothing has been sent out on Friday. I'm very worried we will lose our purchase which is our dream house and if that happens I don't know how I'll cope especially with the new baby coming around New Year.

    I still tease that hair on left brow and on top of everything have found one on the right now too. I have been reading some previous posts here to see how my urges compare with those of others and also to stop myself from doing anything stupid. For me it's less about hairs and more about pain. The greater the pain the better as is usually the case with the hairs which have roots on them. So any distractions are useless as I get a kick from the pulling sensation. Crazy, I know!

    The way I find the hairs to pull is when I feel around with my thumb and find one that feels out of place. That is the case now unfortunately with the two brows I keep faffing with.

    However since I started my PF journey 3 weeks ago I have noticed my eyelashes feel very uninteresting probably because I haven't pulled in so long. That is huge as they are usually tempting when they're growing back as feel sharper then.

    But still struggling with eyebrows especially as have found a couple of tempting ones.
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