How do I get rid of Compulsive Skin Picking?

I still remember my childhood years when my mother would gently say at me “Stop picking your skin, you shall destroy your beauty.” I cry anytime I have a look at my pictures as a child before being with diagnosed dermatillomania. I was a beautiful princess with innocent and smooth skin. At 24 years of age, anyone can easily notice that the acne on my face has gone due to CSP during my teenage years. I always feel out of place when in a group because I unconsciously find myself skin picking. I panic or feel embarrassed when a person tells me to stop skin picking as it gives me a certain sign of relief at the moment before I start cursing the act after getting sores.
In the past three weeks, I have been having compulsive skin picking (CSP) to an extent where a compulsion associated with great pain and disfigurement of my left hand and shoulder. Unfortunately, with CSP I cannot let my wounds heal because I continue with skin picking more and more. My fingers have become sour, and I fear to shake hands or to prepare a meal for my family. I can no longer go for a date of a girls’ night out because I feel embarrassed because I will find myself skin picking instead of enjoying the moment.
I have desperately tried to stop skin picking entirely, but my efforts fail after some time. I have become obsessed to compulsive skin picking, and it has taken over the head. I feel it is the time to seek help from a qualified health practitioner or a support group that can provide tips to stop this disturbing behaviour.


  • Oh Philomena, my heart really goes out to you. It is so easy to associate and sympathise with your experience. Childhood should not be ruined by that kind of experience. I know people will really get where you are coming from.

    Keep talking and tell us how you are doing.

    Love and pick freedom

  • You're not alone...I have to say that I took up knitting. If I'm sitting, I'm knitting...and then my hands are too busy to isn't 100% of the time I'm not picking my face or is a lot less...

    I know this is an old post but I hope you have gotten some help.
  • Hi, I’m Brian, and I was a member of the previous skin-picking forums.

    I’ve just turned 46, which means I have been picking for 36 years and I’m really shame-faced to say that.

    Any help, support or suggestions gratefully received.

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