Emotional distress

I think my pulling and that of many others is down to emotional distress.. and I think if I can remove the cause of the distress then the intense urge to pull will stop.. but i haven’t been able to sort the situation.. I’m extremely unhappy at home because of a sibling that came back to live with me.. he’s been very abusive and it’s been close to impossible to get any support with this.. I just want to get away from him.. wow just typing that relieved the urge that was building


  • Anyone else going through something distressing that could be causing your trichotillomania?
  • Yes I am. June 24th my fiance had locked me and his 23 year old daughter out of our bedroom and he proceeded to commit suicide while we were trying to break the door down. We didn't succeed we couldn't save him. It's like a movie on repeat in my mind everyday all day. It's been almost 6 months since that happened in the past 3 months I went from having a full head of hair to having straggles I have pulled so much so bad

  • Teanak8, I am so terribly sorry to hear of yur terrible ordeal. Although I have tried to save someone from suicide without success, I wasn't with them at the time and they weren't this close to me. You must be absolutely devastated and please just know we are here to listen. Thank you for sharing this awful time in your life with us. We all have our old movies which we replay over and over and there are some great coaching techniques which can help you deal with them. I recommend playing with the movie in your mind and imagining that you can rewind it and change the colours, sounds, volume, sizes etc. This is a very simplified explanation but if you come back and keep talking, we'll check on you from time to time and offer encouragement. If you need more sustained support, consider contacting Michelle at trichotillomania.co.uk

    Love and pull free vibes

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