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I have been pulling my eyelashes for nearly 11 or so years now, and I've moved onto scalp, knees, eyebrows, etc. But the eyelashes seem to be the most prominent. I can't seem to stop even when I'm doing it and I know I shouldn't be. I've tried countless methods to stop, wearing gloves, vaseline, stress balls in place of picking, keeping track of when I pick. It doesn't seem to work, and when it does I miss picking and go back to it all over again. But I don't want to miss it, I hate it. Any advice?


  • Hi Bumblebee,

    I am also an eyelash puller. I’ve been in therapy for over a year now, and when I started, I was wearing false lashes, as I barely had any of my own. I can tell you I’m day 59 PF, and pretty much Jane a full set of my own.
    It’s really hard, and for me it’s just been reprogramming my brain; soft, gentle talking to myself, applying coconut oil when eyes have been prickly, noticing when im ivsessing in front of the mirror and saying” we don’t do that anymore,” and rubbing my eye with the back of my arm instead of my fingers going near.
    I stated pulling around the age of 11, and I will be 36 at the end of the year. It is possible, and I believe you can do it! Hopefully, everything is going ok for you? Be great to chat. Take care. Lisa x
  • I pull to right now I need support started I think with eyelashes I can't help it under stress but have done it for years right now been out of control came to connect with others that understand how aweful this really is

  • Hi Carol, there's lots of support available here :) . What alternative stress relieving techniques have you tried? There are some useful tips here:

    Hi Bumblebee, have you looked into hypnotherapy? It seems to work especially well for people who pull from their eye area. You can buy recordings to use at home or see a hypnotherapist for a few sessions.

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