I get this insane urge to touch my face

When ever I'm not pulling my hair (as I explained in my other post), I get this nervous and addicting urge to touch my face. Please, does anyone have any tips?


  • Have you noticed when or where you're more likely to do it? You could try keeping something around to keep your hands busy. I pick at my face when I'm watching tv in the evenings (probably tired!). Keeping something in the lounge like gloves, some knotted jewellery or a French knitting doll helps to keep my fingers busy :)

  • I’ve found knitting to be a wonderful way of breaking destructive habits, with the added bonus of everyone in the house never running out of socks! If you pick simple patterns and stitches it can be something easily done in front of the TV or anytime that you need to keep your hands busy.
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