How are you feeling?

I've just been reading around the forum and saw that there used to be a thread for people (I think I read that right) to come on and say how they were feeling on a daily basis? I don't know about yourselves, but I think this could be really great, so I will get the ball rolling. This was for yesterday, as I wrote this and forgot to hit send!!

I had a good day yesterday, no urges and I was busy most of the day (that's definitely a big thing for me.) I exercised quite a bit and my diet wasn't too bad (I'm keeping a food diary now as well which will be useful to see when urges are high what foods I've eaten in conjunction with that. I had a good seven and a bit hours sleep as well, so all in all, not a bad day. I will do my best to report on here everyday, as I said before, I think this could be really good, so the bad days will go on too!! Hope to hear from some of you too, only if you're happy too though. :)



  • Lisa, this is a great idea for a thread!

    I am not so super this morning. One of my adult children suffers from bipolar and we had a very bad night with not much sleep between us. It’s a busy day today, so caffeine is going to be my saviour today. I’m involved in an international art community called GISH and I’m hoping to meet up later with some fellow members, so that’s something to look forward too!
  • Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear you've had a bad night, completely understand the caffeine god today, although mine is chocolate when I'm exhausted-anything with sugar!!!!
    I guess art is an interest for you? Having an interest is fantastic. Not only does it give you some 'you time' but its something that you can focus on that's not just that same old routine, so that's great that you've got that later today. I've just signed up to a local choir group ,and am starting it next week and although a little unsure I'm also quite excited as I love to sing. Do you find urges are higher for you when you're tired? I only ask, as personally for me, I think that is the case.
    I've been working this morning, which obviously keeps focused (no urges at the moment) but do feel a little tired myself, so just need to keep busy . I'm also seeing some friends later this evening, so that will see me through tonight. Hope your get together goes well. Have a good day x

  • I love art. I’m not a great creative person myself, but I love to get involved and give things a try. Choir sounds so much fun! I used to sing as a child, but now I stick to the shower lol.
    I find self destructive urges are worse for me when I’m anxious about something. I can work myself into a bit of a tizz about something and it’s like a release of tension to pick or pull.
    I had a great time with some new friends last night, and it was such a surprise to remember how a couple of hours of fun company can be really rejuvenating for your mind. It would have been so much easier to stay at home, but making the effort was actually really worthwhile and I’m so glad that I did.
  • Very much feeling that myself today. late night last night, and boy do I feel cranky and irritable today. I'm out again this evening, and my son has just been teary. I thought, 'great, here's my way out of going this evening. Then i thought, that makes it appear to my son, that if he's playing up, we won't go out. We met in the middle, and he's calmer. I also have quite high urges, due to social anxiety today, so I need to go out, otherwise i fear I may pull. Like you say, making that effort is always far more beneficial, and it can be too easy to stay at home.

  • I hope you enjoy yourself!
  • Thanks Sarah. Not long been in, and as you said, pushing yourself to go out is worthwhile, and I had a good evening. Hopefully chat to you tomorrow x

  • Not feeling that great today. Tired, and urges are high already!! We're making plans for us to go out today (to keep me busy and to keep my focus.) I wanted to jump on here and write, as I knew it would be a distraction for both my hands, but also, as I promised when I started the thread, I wanted to record daily how I was feeling even on the crappier days. I just need to remember that in this moment I can stay PF, and not try and think of the whole day.

  • I hope today gets better, Lisa. Remember that baby steps are where we all start.
  • Morning! After feeling quite rubbish yesterday and urges were high, I'm really chuffed with myself (no pulling!!!) Feeling good this morning, and I know a big part of this is because I beat that little monster yesterday. Got a busy day, so really hoping for another day of freedom. How are other's feeling today?

  • I’m so glad you had a good day!
    I am volunteering for a local arts fest today and it’s outside. The weather doesn’t look too promising but I’m sure it’ll still be fun. Then it’s packing for a short break with some friends. I’m only away for a couple of days, but I’m excited and really looking forward to the break.
  • Thank's Sarah, and a few days away sounds great. Its always lovely to have some down time and especially with friends. I have a coupe of friends who know that I have trich, and their support and encouragement is always so crucial (no judgement, just true friends.) I hope, even though the weather may not be great, that you have a top day at the arts festival and enjoy your few days away. I will still post on here, but appreciate if you can't. I'm finding it really helpful and its nice to chat to someone who really understands. Take care x

  • Hi Lisa, sorry for the late reply! I had a fun day and it was cold but good. I’ll still be checking in while I’m away :)
  • Hi Sarah. I'm really glad you had a good day! Hope you're feeling good this morning after your lovely day yesterday. My L/O had a bad night and is being a little monster this morning, but I'm not feeling too bad in myself currently. I did have a coffee morning panned, but unfortunately, everyone's just cancelled (for one reason or another.) Oddily, I was thinking that my day was going to be quite chaotic, but am a little disappointed that the mornings not gone to plan-hey ho! I'm sure I've got enough yo be getting on with, and as my coach has taught me, live in the moment not in my head. Have a good day. x

  • Hi Lisa, I’m sorry about your little one and your coffee morning. I am doing some more stuff with the art festival today, and the weather is a lot brighter, so I’m really looking forward to being outside. I have heaps to sort out before I go away (such is the life of a carer), so I know exactly what you mean when you say you have things to be getting on with. Sometimes I’d like a few extra hours in the day, but then other times I think they’re quite long enough already, thank you very much!
    I hope things remain good for you today!
  • I think the weather makes a huge difference. I personally, feel like I have stacks more energy when the sun is out and find that I'm quite easily self motivated, but when it's dull, wet and just miserable, I think it's fair to say that that's how I feel. My L/O soon got over it, thankfully. Just going to go and enjoy some of the nice weather. Hope your day remains good too.x

  • Morning! hope the art festival went well yesterday? it's not a particularly bright day here today, weather wise. i have a busy day myself today, but am feeling quite anxious, so wanted to get on here and write it down. I'm jut doing some deep breathing whilst writing and listening to the songs on the radio (distraction techniques.) Although I'm feeling like this though, currently I have no urges, so just need to keep that focus. Hope the weather's a little better where you are for your few days away. Take care. x

  • You’re doing so well to write how you feel down, everyday. I hope your anxiety settles.
    The festival is in full swing and very busy. I have to pack for my trip still and there really aren’t enough hours in the day lately. I did spend a long time talking on the phone to a dear friend and that always leaves me feeling rejuvenated, so that was a good way to start the day. I hope the weather picks up for you too. I always feel it’s much easier to cope when the sun is shining.
  • I'm really trying to make sure that I do. It's keeping my mind really focused on what I want to achieve (being PF) and writing down how I'm feeling is making me realise that it will pass, and it has!!:) I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day, but again, the weather's not helping with my motivation, and then I get to the evening and feel like I've got a million and one things to do. I'm back at work tomorrow, so I know that will help, always busy there. Thanks for the encouraging words a swell Sarah, it really does help!x The festival sounds great and I'm sure you'll get the packing done, then you can relax. x

  • Well, another day PF, so feeling really pleased! Feeling good this morning. No urges at present, and as I said yesterday, I'm working today, so that will keep me busy. Weather's looking nice out there, So will make sure I get outside to enjoy the sunshine later. Hope everyone has a good day.

  • Have a great day, Lisa!
    I’m travelling for most of mine but I get to see friends from overseas at the end of it.
  • I am so pleased you set up this thread, Lisa! I am feeling rather scattered today - my brain is going everywhere but where I want it. I do have some lovely butternut squash cooking in the oven for my lunch though - I eat it with coconut oil and salt. Delicious. Hopefully eating something will stop me from drifting off with every message or link that comes in! Some days my focus is good and other days I am like "who am I?"

    I hope you and Sarah are having a great day - I know Sarah is away and hope she is enjoying the sunshine somewhere nice!

    How is your day going, Lisa?

    Love and pull freedom

  • It makes the travelling all worth while when there's a lovely end result, Sarah.

    Thanks for your message as well Neo. The butternut squash with the coconut oil and salt sounds delicious! Hope it also helped with the drifting?
    I'm doing ok. I'm feeling quite tired this evening. Ended up doing a little longer in work, but that's all good as it gave me a longer distraction period. Just going to start sorting the children ready for bed, have a big glass of water (haven't had as much as I would've liked to have had today) then some exercise, bath and bed. x

    Hope you got to you destination safely Sarah and have a lovely evening with your friends. Speak tomorrow. x

  • Sun is out here, but not that great in myself. My early night didn't happen as my son had a disturbed night, never mind. I'm going to go for a walk with a friend this morning, so I think that will help lift me and then, try and take some time for myself. I will write more on here later, but need to go an do the school run. Hope everyone else is feeling good?

  • Feeling much brighter now that I've been for a lovely long walk with my friend in the sunshine. I've just spent some time going over my food diary ahead of sending to my coach later, and doing some other little jobs. I think that sense of achievement has helped pick me up too. It's not a "full house clean," but I've got things done and each little win helps me to feel better.

  • Hi Lisa just popped into this thread, so glad you got out after all :) I saw a friend too!
    I just cleaned a bit, maybe too much-those fumes are powerful!

  • I hate it when you walk out of the bathroom and all you can smell up your nose is bleach, or toilet duck! Sometimes, I oddly find a bit of cleaning a little therapeutic, it has to be a little bit though. :) Hope you all have a lovely evening and enjoy the bank holiday x

  • Morning all. It's another lovely day here, hope it's the same for everyone else. I'm feeling good this morning. The weather's good, nice long weekend, and most importantly, I'm getting to spend it with the people I love. <3
    Glad to report, even after the urge I had when typing on the other thread "Hi everyone, I'm new," no pulling and I rode out the urge, so feeling a massive sense of achievement there.
    I'm off to the opticians for a dilation test today. In the past I've dreaded going. It was always the place where my heart would sink. My thought process was, I pull my lashes, I have bald spots all over the place and now an eye Dr is going to be looking directly into my eyes with a torch, I really hope he doesn't say anything!!! panic, panic, panic. The whole thought of going would then make me pull more and more. However, that's the past and today, in this moment, most of my lashes are through. I'm not worried about going this morning and what a HUGE difference it makes (my email would not have started with feeling good.) Like Rachel said, just focusing on being PF in this moment.

  • I never have had a dr comment on my eyelashes despite all my fears, I am so glad you're feeling confident about it today. Let us know how it goes and I hope you have a stylin pair of shades you can wear after the dialation B)

  • Hi Annie all good. I'm struggling to see, everything's a little blurry, but otherwise he was happy.
    I'd never had a Dr comment, until I went a few years back about depression, and one of the questions I was asked was "Do I self harm or have any other destructive coping methods?" Of course, I knew it wasn't right to deny it by this point and I think that was the first time I realised that actually the Dr just wanted to help. Sitting and saying those words "I pull my eyelashes out" to someone outside the family, wasn't as bad as id always thought it would be in my head (that wonderful overthinking again!)
    I'm going out this evening, so looking forward to that. Hope your days going well. x
    PS: Yeah, I think the sunny's I was rockin' :D

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