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The Trichotillomania Support forum has been restarted. Perhaps, like me, you remember what a tremendously supportive place the old forums were, with professional advice and true friendships forming.

Excited to get chatting again with old trichotillomania friends, or keen to meet new ones? Come on! Kick start our new forums by telling YOUR story.

For my part, I am Max. I started pulling beard hairs out at 18 and carried on for a long time. I have been pull free for 5 years and still find my hands searching for sharp, new facial hairs. If you have any good tips for me, do let me know and I will do my best to do the same for you.

Best regards,


  • Hi Max,
    I'm Louise and I first remember pulling out my hair at about the age of 11. I pick a strand, play with it for a bit then yank it out. In recent years my pulling has escalated to include eyebrows, arm/leg hairs and also other people's hair (chest/beard etc) if given the chance.

    I've tried to stop but can't. Fortunately I have a lot of scalp hair so it's not really noticeable, but I have hardly any eyebrows left.

    kind regards


  • Hi max and Louise,
    Iv been doing it for a few years on and off but its gotten a lot worse in last few months and now I cant hide the bald patch, wear a baseball cap most of the time.. started CBT this week for other issues but based on what I read, think I will mention it in next weeks appointment. Its good to know theres others out there, looking forward to supporting others when I know more.

    Best regards


  • Hi all,

    I'm happy to see other people are using support groups, this is the first time I have decided to try and reach out to others suffering with trichotillomania.
    I also have bald patches on my scalp, I've been pulling for 5 years now and it's gotten to the point where I am struggling to find a way to cover the patches as they cover a very large area on my head, it has affected relationships and led to me avoiding dating. Luckily I have long thick hair where I have hair left, but the patches are very noticeable. I am doing it on a daily basis and am really struggling to stop myself, even when I am aware I am doing it. I have noticed that the days where I am in a better mood, feeling motivated and keeping busy/ have a sense of purpose are the days when I am less likely to pull and have found keeping a diary of my moods and thought processes when pulling/pull-free has been enlightening.
    Currently having CBT but I feel like the focus is on anxiety and it hasn't made a dent on my hair pulling so far.

    Kind regards :)

  • Hi everyone, I am Aisha.
    I have been into hair pulling since i was 11 and now i am 19+. I'm finding it really difficult to stop pulling my hair and i have a huge bald patch on the sides of my head. Unfortunately my hair isn't very thick to cover the bald patches so, i need to use a scarf to hide it. I haven't got many friends. I like to stay alone. I haven't gone or asked for help these years and to be honest i knew about the disorder Tricotrillomania just an hour ago or so. None but my family knows about this. It's really hard to find a good Psychiatrist here in Bahrain. I am happy to know that I'm not alone in this. I don't know much about this but i wish to get cured
  • Hi Max, ffflover, CJS, Aisha and Carls,

    Thank you for posting and welcome to the website. Your support is so much appreciated. I can't tell you how great it is to see you guys.

    Carls, I hope the CBT goes well but would just point out that even though CBT often does help people to stop pulling, if you give up using the techniques, there is a likelihood of relapse. Research shows that ongoing support works best, so make sure you have friends you can talk to and keep posting here! please ... we need you.

    Aisha, I'm not touting for business but just wanted to let you know that at www.trichotillomania, the treatment is available on Skype, and we are all pull free ex pullers so we will understand.

    Also there is a free e-book for you to download at and it is by yours truly. I'm now over 15 years pull free and it does tell you how I did it.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi max and everyone else

    I have been pulling for 25 years. I have never been pull free since i started at aged 13. At first it was very severe. I had hardly any hair no eyebrows etc. Over the years i have learned how to pick and hide it really well. I pick then i chew off the roots. Sounds awful wheb u actually say it but i get so excited when its a big root. I cant imagine ever being pull free.
  • Hi Manicpanicchick

    I completely understand what you are saying about getting so excited when you find a big root. Even after 15 years pull free, my mouth still waters at the thought of that juicy root. I have found alfafa sprouts really help with that craving, as well as having 2 protein shakes every day.

    We are all here and completely understand. I remember when I too couldn't imagine ever being pull free but even if you don't ever get to that space, you can still have a wonderful and happy life.

    We are on your side and you are definitely not alone. I pulled for 27 years, so you have two years to go before you beat me. ;-)

    If I can do it, you can too.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi everyone,
    My name is Bailey and I have been pulling for two years now, and it has only continued to escalate since I started. I also pick at my scalp often and try to have large pieces that have blood in them, because of how it tastes. I also pick off the roots of my hair and eat them. Picking makes me feel dirty and I am constantly covered in my own hair. I'm good enough at hiding it so I don't have huge bald spots, but there are sparse areas. Whenever I think I've stopped for a week or two it just picks up again. I'm 16 and I notice is happens most at school when I'm concentrating or when I'm nervous. I've tried stress balls etc and they just don't work. It feels like my scalp almost hums for my to pick and pull.
    Any help or support would be great.

  • Hi, I joined this group last nite... so fed up- I’ve been pulling for 27years now- eyebrows and eyelashes... mine does seem to be worse about 10 days before my mentrual cycle and I started pulling when my menstrual cycle started at age 17... I wear false lashes and see my lashes growing... they get really long then I pull them out! And I search for hairs on my face that I can pull at too... I’ve got tattooed/hyperpigmented eyebrows now... it was getting so embarrassing drawing them in... I go into a trance and can be at it for hours- such a waste of my time!!
    Has anyone tried supplements... I’ve been reading up about inositol recently...
    Please help, very unhappy- hate these strong urges :-(
  • Hi guys - you can contact our team for advice here:

    And there's more info for scalp and eyelash pulling here:

  • Hi all, I am new to this group. I have been pulling my scalp hair for over 22 years now. I can completely relate to all of these comments. The hair on the crown of my head is missing and I am finding it increasingly difficult to disguise it. It seems to dominate my life and everything I do. I am hoping I can pick up lots of helpful tips and advice. It is really good to speak with like-minded people.

  • Hello everyone. Ive been pulling my hair out since I was 15.. it started with me pulling tangles out and then actually yanking strands of hair out.. now it’s so bad my scalp bleeds and I have bald spots.. when I don’t pull my scalp feels intensely itchy in one place.. I only feel a small relief from hurting my scalp and pulling the hair out
  • I’ve been pulling my hair out since I was 3, I’m now 32. I’ve tried everything I can think from CBT to very expensive hair pieces at a salon called Lucinda Ellery in London. I’m now using a wig to help me. I completely cut all my hair off last January and it is growing back, I’ve got hair now in places where I never did, it’s not completely where I wanted it to be by now as I have had my lapses, but I’m so glad I took the plunge and went for the wig!
    I get married in April so that was my aim to have all my own hair for my wedding, I’m a bit disheartened that I haven’t got to where I want to be be but my god it’s such an improvement!
    I’m going to keep checking this site for tips to help me keep going.
    I can relate to every comment I read on here and it’s quite comforting to know I’m not alone! X

  • Hi everyone

    You're definitely far from alone. This condition is far more prevalent than you might imagine. We have over five thousand members of the entire Trichotillomania Support organisation. Lucy, well done for your huge improvement.

    You're all winners - you can do this, just keep reassuring yourself that you are always going to be bigger than a health condition.

    Right now my urges are bad, but I'm resisting. Resisting is much easier for me because I am over 15 years pull free but I still have urges, just rarely nowadays.

    I have no more willpower than anyone here, so if I can do it so can you guys.

    Lets see what you can do!

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Lucy and welcome! I’m 32 as well :) Well done on all the progress you’re making. It’s ok to have lapses but to keep on going and recognising the overall improvement you’re making is fab! It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”, you’re doing great.

  • Hi guys. I’m Veronica and I’m 24. I’ve been pulling since I was about 5. It started with head hair but quickly moved into just eyelashes. A few years ago I randomly stopped pulling. I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden everything just became really manageable. Now I barely ever pull. The only thing I’m really struggling with is that having eyelash extensions on is very triggering. I don’t pull anymore, but then when I get eyelash extensions, it triggers my OCD and I feel the need to pick them off or I get really panicky and uncomfortable. I love having lash extensions and I feel like I’ve earned them after finally being able to overcome my pulling, but they just trigger pulling. I know it seems easy enougn to just say ‘well don’t get lashe extensions then,’ but I really like having them, and I don’t want my OCD to be a reason for not getting them. I want to work through being able to have them on and not feel that anxiety to pull them off. Especially because it takes my natural lashes out too, so I’m left with barely any eyelashes after I pick them off. I’ve been doing CBT and I only have about 2 sessions left. It did help, and it does help, but this past session was just really difficult. I wasn’t able to use my resources or skills to prevent pulling and I took all of my extensions off. I have barely any eyelashes now and I feel like crap about myself. I’ve learned to accept myself without lashes, and it’s not that I think I’m ugly or anything, it’s just that I feel like such a failure, and it’s going to take a while for them to grow back, so until then I have to be reminded every day that I failed at fighting the compulsion. I’m just feeling like crap right now. I wish I didn’t have to feel like this.
  • Hi random, I know it's so, so hard when you've had a slip up, but try to remember how well you did in between. It can feel like you're always failing, but the opposite is also true - you also keep getting back on there and doing your best. Hope things are better now.

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    Hey everyone

  • Hi everyone,
    I am new to this platform and it is really heart warming to know that there are people out there going through the same struggles as I am and it feels really good to know that there are people who have overcome Trichotillomania.
    I started pulling my hair when I was 14, just a year before I entered high school and here I am at 23 and I still am unable to tackle the urges.
    Immediately after seeing that I had bald spots and lots of hair lose around my bed, my mother took me to see a dermatologist and I started taking homeopathy treatment for hair growth. The homeopathy treatment did not stop me from pulling my hair but it stimulated hair growth and that kind of helped me to reduce the pulling. Through my high school I remember being pull free for atleast 2 years but in my 12th grade I got an eye disease which made me lose 60% vision in my right eye for about 4-5 months. During this time I did not go to school and I used to get severe headache and that was when the hair pulling started again and it became very severe. I was on steroids for a while so during that time hair growth was faster than usual but that did not reduce the pulling at all because I was still in pain and still had vision loss. It took a while to get my eyes back to normal but once I did the pulling reduced but never stopped till date.
    I found out that a condition like Trich existed about 4 years ago because it got mentioned in one episode of Grey's Anatomy and that was the first time I heard about Trich. So I googled it and I found out that there were so many people going through the same thing but more than being relieved I was terrified of what I had read and that I had no control over it. For me finding out that I was head deep into a health condition was what freaked me out further more. I tried doing some of the tips they suggested but all of it worked only for a few days. I started to pull more because of the anxiety that I had this condition.
    So I decided to tell someone because it was suggested to be a good let out to talk about what you are going through and I told my brother, figured he is the most sensible person who is closest to my age but I got the WORST reaction possible from him. He dismissed it to be something merely a habit and that he had it too when he was in high school and that it went away in a year for him. He told me I need to change my own habits and that no one can help me. I was devastated as hell but decided to give it another shot and I told my boyfriend at that time. He told me that he does not know how to deal with someone with emotional instability and said that I should take a break from our relationship to figure this out. So we did, we took a break for 2 months and after which he told me that he wants to break up with me and I honestly do not remember why till date. At that point I was completely broken down and that was when I started drinking, going to night clubs, partying. I did have a few pull free months during that time because I was mostly hungover but the whole burden of being affected by Trich became lost and I gave in. I never made an effort to stop my urges even when I realized I was pulling. This went on for about a year and my urges for pulling had reduced because I focused on drinking, right from the afternoon after my classes at college were over for the day.
    In my final year I decided I want to take my life seriously and figure out my future and that was when I stopped drinking. It was hard but once I tried to become sober the pulling started again but this time I did not let it take the best of me. I took up a very challenging internship during my final year and I worked my ass off and even started getting paid for it as a part time employee. After graduating I joined the company full time and the workaholic that I became compensated for the hair pulling but it never stopped. The frequency of my pulling had reduced but I have never been pull free since.
    I quit my job in January of this year because I wanted to explore a different path and just a few weeks later I met with an accident and I had to have a knee surgery. The last 3 months have been very difficult because I have been in so much pain and the hair pulling distracts me from my leg pain. I am unable to make it stop and it has rapidly intensified. Plus with the lock down it is much harder to go out for some fresh air.

    Today I have decided that I want to start trying to go pull free. I started doing guided meditation a week ago and it has really helped. I have also started taking care of my hair and I cut bangs for myself, which means I have very less hair to cover the bald spots and hopefully that helps me not pull more of my hair.

    I hope you all are doing great and are safe during this time.
    I know I have rambled quite a bit but it feels really good to let it out. I even pulled some out in the nervousness of typing this.

    Have a great day.

  • My battle w/ this is going on 15+ years now, off and on. It grew out of acne, which I took Accutane for. Then as I began shaving, I discovered ingrown hairs, and that a hair could curl up and live inside your face under a zit. I became obsessed with popping them when they occurred, and any time I saw a potential in grown hair, I picked at it. Worse when I did shave & missed a tiny hair, I would be obsessed with removing it. When I do grow out my beard, which can still happen (more on that later), when I feel acne under a hair, I pick at that. I become enraptured finding hairs with puss follicles on the end, or acne inside. I’ve been taking biotin a lot over the past few years which does let the hair grow back. Now, I feel like ive hit rock bottom in my mid 30s with a new child. I don’t want him to see me like this. I think its anxiety driven, but I also take meds for ADD/ADHD which I think make me more anxious, tense. Its truly an idle hands are the devils play situation. I don’t want my child to see my face all picked over with hair missing and welts/wounds. Ive ordered some new topical products & pills to grow the beard back and even it back out. I know it’ll even out soon. I know that the sun will heal the scabs on my face, but you know skin cancer is a thing. This is my rock bottom, writing this and joining the forum. I need help. Ive tried stress balls and fidget toys, to little success. I need to break the sensory feeling of pulling a hair out of my face / popping a pimple. Any advice would help

  • I always thought I was the only one in the world that had this problem. I started pulling my eyebrows and eyelashes out over 20 years ago. I thought it was because I was in an abusive marriage and have high anxieties. I stopped after the divorce and I was so happy when the hair grew back but I just started again because I can't stand the feeling of mascara on my eyelashes. I was relieved to find out that not only am I not alone but there is a guilty pleasure in pulling and picking. I stumbled on this website and have found some good tips. I feel that either not wearing mascara or washing it off prior to watching a movie may tend to help me. I also feel that when I drink too much alcohol, I lose my sense and strength and pick more. Then I wake up hung over and upset from the self sabotage.

  • This fits any self-harming addiction........"Some things are hard to stop but harder to live with!"

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    Hi everyone,

    Here some tips that might help!

    Usually hair pulling comes from anxiety, so it is nice to self analyze what usually makes you anxious and be less self-demanding on these aspects: lets accept we can not always do everything as good as we would like to.

    Tip 1. Wear gloves always you can. Mostly while reading/ studying/ watching sth. Latex gloves are confortable, you can clean them as you wash your hands and u can still use your phone with them.
    If you need them in public and you dont want to tell about the real reason, just say that you are using some cream for your hands.

    *When you have the craving of hair pulling: with your gloves on, softly massage the area that triggers the pulling. You can also do this with coconut oil before washing your hair. The massage will stimulate hair growth and calm down the cravings.

    Tip 2. Do at least 10 minutes of mindfulness/meditation per day. You can look up on youtube: "body scan mindfulness" and pick up the video you like the most.
    Exercise, yoga or walking during the day can also help a lot.

    Tip 3. The most important tip: be kind to yourself and dont punish yourself whenever you dont fulfill your own expectations.

    If hair pulling interfere in your daily life, always visit a psychologist.
  • Thank you for the tips Leyre!

  • I'm new here. I started pulling my eyebrows and eyelashes out 2 years ago. I dont know why it started but it has. I just pulled most of my eyelashes out yesterday and im feeling really down and hate myself right now
    Im happy to see there are other people out there who have the same problem as me
    This is been really good to get off my chest, I've only told 1 person and my family keep badgering me to stop. I keep explaining to them that I just can't but.. i give up
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