Okayyyyyy so
Today is the day when I’m going out for THE FIRST TIME to get my eyebrows done
Now, you might think: ‘Oh that’s it why is she making such a big deal over something so minuscule?’
WELLLL the reason is: as you know from my last post, I have pulled since I was 5 and to get something like this done felt like it was always going to be a dream like it was never going to be achieved and now it is it feels amazing. I Sophie am going to let SOMEONE ELSE do my eyebrows and I am really exited because there was a point in my life where I had now eyebrows at all so you can imagine my excitement right now!!! Okay so just remember things are not impossible unless you make them 💖


  • OMG that is super exciting, Sophie - well done

    You totally deserve this - another thing for your list of reasons not to slip up. You can so maintain this


  • That’s great news Sophie. Well done!! Enjoy and keep us updated.😉x
  • Wonderful news, Sophie ... you are such an inspiration. We are so proud to have you hear. Can we get a pic of the brows? I know you are young so probably wont want to post a full face photo but maybe eyes only would be allowed? Please ask your mum first.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Sophie, wow well done!! I can understand how exciting that must be! Thank you for the inspirational post! :-)
  • Hi Sophie how did it go??? :smiley:
  • OMG sooo proud! Such an inspiration xx😆😱💕
  • Hope it went well Sophie <3 <3 <3

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