Latisse prescription medication for lash growth

Dear friends,
I just wanted to let you know about a prescription medication my eye doctor gave me for what he called "inadequate lashes". It's called Latisse. He knows that I've struggled with trichotillomania for more than 30 years and that I have spent many years disappointed in my re-growth after a pulling relapse. I decided to give it a try when I found out that my medical insurance would cover this medication because of my condition. He said he can't prescribe it to just any patient who is just complaining about short lashes. The generic name is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. If I get the brand name Latisse, it is $185 US for 1 month supply. If I get the generic (no brand name) bimatoprost, it costs me only $20 US for 3 month supply.

Long story short, I just thought I'd mention it so you all could inquire if you'd like with your own doctors. You can look online to see details, but basically it says that it helps your lashes grow longer, darker and fuller. This is nice for normal people, but it's a literal miracle for someone like me. I do believe it helps my lashes grow back faster because what I'm starting with is very baby fine hairs. It helps me get closer to normal lashes faster. It also gives me a good reason not to pull, you know?

You just use this little tiny paintbrush to wipe a tiny drop along your lash line each night. Although it says not to apply it anywhere else, I have swiped a tiny bit on the bald spots in my brows before and had them grow back in too.

Anyway, best of luck to you. Feel free to share your thoughts!


  • Hi Heather

    Thanks for your great posts. This is very exciting news. I will definitely ask my doctor if she can prescribe it for me. The difference in cost between the generic and the brand version is CRAZEEE.

    Anyway, hope you are well and very much looking forward to hearing how you are doing.


  • For those in the UK there is a new online dermatologist service called Dermatica. They offer a prescription strenght eyelash serum (identical to to latisse which isn't available in the UK). As a medical grade product it means it has gone through medical research to prove it's effective in hair growth and much stronger than anything available on the highstreet.
  • Thanks littlelondonlu and welcome to the website, we would love to hear your story x

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