Gray hairs eeeek

Hello im Jade and I'm 28 years old. I think i have a problem, i thought I would join this forum for self help. I noticed my hair going gray and have been pulling strands of hair out from the root, but as a teenager I always had a problem pulling my lashes out , is this normal behaviour?


  • Hi Jade, welcome to our forum :)

    I think many people will pull those grey hairs out as they start to appear, but the difference will lie in whether you can NOT pull the hairs out, if you see what I mean? Are you able to feel that want to pull them out and then choose to do something else instead, or would in gnaw away at you?

    On our main page, halfway down is a section called "Do I have trichotillomania?" You may find it helpful to read through the questions there :)

  • Hi there Jade and yes, you, the anonymous reader who doesn't post on forums :o ,

    I realise this thread was started a while back but I notice it has had quite a few views, so I thought I would post some more about grey hairs.

    It appears the following two genes are often responsible for grey hairs #grayhairs if you are in the USA. These genes are Bcl2 and Bcl-w. Hair pulling, though, can result in gray (grey) hairs though. Generally if you see someone with a cluster of grey hair, while the rest is their normal colour (color - oh, I could go on like this all day with UK/USA spellings) then you can assume it is a result of hair pulling in the past.

    YES it is possible to put hair pulling in the past.

    Sometimes when you pull hair out at a particular angle, you can damage the colour pigmentation, resulting in that hair growing back grey.

    The question here, though, was how to manage the thought "I must remove these hairs which are not uniform", or in fact how to manage the thought that "hairs must be uniform".

    If you were to make a doll, attempting to make it look realistic, you would find that if all the hairs were uniform, it would not look realistic. Many things in nature are not uniform, and hairs are often different. One gray hair in amongst lots of naturally coloured hairs will only stand out to the person themselves, not to anybody else.

    Reframe your thoughts about the hairs themselves and be grateful you have them rather than critical of them. So many people tell me that they simply cannot leave grey hairs alone, and yet those same people ultimately do become pull free with coaching.

    You can overcome this.

    Love and pull freedom

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