First time nerves

Having avoided discussing my hair pulling for years i was forced to confront it after I put my hair up into a towel and went to dry it and noticed how bare the hair was on the left side of my head! It shocked me. I have pulled out the hair on my head since I was at University. 11 years on and I’m still doing it but I think it’s getting worse. I do it when I’m driving, when I’m in a meeting, when I’m thinking... which is a lot. The idea of a fiddle toy seems great but I’d lose it! Has anyone tried the CBT approach through a GP?
I’m getting married in August and don’t want to have to hide the bald patches!


  • I haven’t I’m afraid. Apparently CBT is very good though. I’m hoping to get some sessions as soon as I can. Have you tried wigs? X
  • Hi Hayley1204,

    Welcome to the forum & well done for coming on here.

    I’m currently 35 and started pulling my lashes at 11. I’ve been receiving coaching through this page “” for just over a year and my coach has changed me (for the better) in so many ways. The forums are a wonderful place to chat to like minded people who really understand each other.

    Re the CBT. I went to the Dr a few years back for PND and got referred to counselling and had CBT. My therapist had never come across trich or worked with a hair puller. She looked back at my past and the “triggers “ that would’ve caused it. In my experience, CBT didn’t work for me, & what I’ve learnt through this beautiful community, and my wonderful coach, is that we pull because we have trich. I know certain things for me can lead up to the pulling, but what I can say is through all my coaching on here, I now, pretty much, have a full set of lashes and have been able to use mascara properly and actually purchased an eyelash curler (something I never thought possible. )
    My longest PF stints have been 70 days last year and 60 days this year.

    Fidget toys are great. I keep a fidget spinner in my pocketz if your concerned you might lose it, you could hook it onto your bra?
    I took up knitting and just anything to keep my hands busy. I find if I’m not busy and sat down, that’s usually when/where I’d pull. I do my best to get up and move , and have actually changed my seat to our bean bag sat on the floor with our dog.

    Hope this is helpful to you, & keep in touch and let us know how you’re getting on.

    Lisa xx
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