Hi I'm new. I have been pulling my hair since i was around 12 i am now 27. I do it without realizing. On my head tho i have started doing my legs and pubic area. I seem to feel for any damaged feeling or curly hairs and have given my self bald patches afew times now. I have started to notice how badly doing this to my self effects my mental state and this is my first attempt at seeking help i guess. Has anyone managed to stop?


  • I stopped in 2002, Bex, and there are many others who also have. It is interesting that you said pulling affects your mental state, whereas in my opinion it is distress which causes pulling.

    Congratulations for reaching out and I hope you find the help you want. I have worked with people with trichotillomania for many years and seeking help is a stage many of us come to - but it is not the same as being ready and willing to do all it takes.

    Meanwhile I would just point out that it is ok to have tric and not always feel in control.

    We understand and support here.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Bex,

    I've been pull free for a couple of years, so it is definitely possible :) . How have you been getting on since you posted?

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