Looking for trich support

Im alyssa I am 16 years old and I’ve been pulling my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes for 2 years now. It started out very quickly and I had a bald spot in the front of my head that I covered with bangs until it grew back out. I continued to pull but less on my scalp and more on my eyelashes until I had no eyelashes. From September-October of this year I was pull free until I suddenly relapsed and I currently have a fee bald/thinning patches and no eyelashes. I’ve been in therapy since the pulling started, but I feel so helpless right now. I really need someone to talk maybe close to my age. I feel like no one understands and I could really use some support right now.
Thank you


  • Hi Alyssa,

    It’s great that you’ve come on and been so honest. I’m not close to your age, but would love to stay in touch if you’re happy too. I’m 35 and started pulling my lashes at 11, so I do understand how you’re feeling. I’ve been in therapy on this site for just over a year, and I live the forum and the community, everyone is so supportive because we’re all in the same boat.

    My longest PF period was last year, I achieved 70 ish days, then this summer 60 some odd. As my coach told me, no-one or anything can take away those days we’ve been PF, and I really try and remember that.

    When I first started coaching, I had next to no lashes and wore fake ones. I cut them down, & you couldn’t tell they were fake. However, they were costing me a fortune, and I liked having lashes (why should I pay for something that I can naturally have.) Althoygh I still relapse, I’m glad to say, it’s never more than 3 maximum (the last couple of times have been 1) and I do see how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved.
    I have to be mindful, the monster can strike at anytime, but I’m now currently on day 30 something.

    Don’t feel helpless, don’t give up. We’re all here cheering you on & remember the amount of hair you have doesn’t equal your self worth.

    Hopefully here from you soon,
    Lisa x
  • Hiya,,
    I'm Ava and I'm 17. I pull(ed) from my scalp so I can relate. I feel through my hairs to find the ones that feel wirery and different so I know how it feel when people don't understand. I find the best things to do to stop me from trying to pull is to wear gloves. If I'm at home revising all day I put coconut oil all over my hair evening thought it is a nightmare to get out! I also have a rice bowl with 10 peppercorns in so I feel thought to keep my hands busy. You can also just try sitting on your hands which I result to at work. Hope some of these tips helped, always here to talk if you want support
    Ava X

  • Hi Alyssa, how are you getting on? Hope you're ok <3

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