Feedback on hair extensions / intralace / non-invasive methods

Hi all

I have pulled my hair for a number of years and am now currently exploring my options re my patches and possible procedures. Because I still have quite a lot of my hair on my scalp I was recommended hair extensions rather than the intralace system. I have never had anything like this before - have never even dyed my hair! So anything like this would be a huge step for me. I’m also more concerned about my scalp which obviously the extensions can’t cover but the intralace system seems one step too far currently... I’m keen to explore different possibilities including more non-invasive options such as more trichology-based help.
I would be very interested in what others have experienced and any feedback on hair procedures - I have heard both positive and negative experiences.
Many thanks


  • Hi Lexie,

    I’m not a hair scalp puller, I do my eyelashes, but wanted to come and say hi and welcome you to the forum. Apologies, as I’ve only just seen your note.
    Hopefully someone will pop on to your thread who knows a bit more to help you decide, but in the meantime, welcome again and I hope you have a great journey and enjoy the forums.

    Take care,
    Lisa xx
  • Hi Lexie,
    I'm a scalp puller and first looked to extensions 10 years ago as a solution to covering problem areas and bringing back a feeling of femininity. I have tried clip ins, tape, micro rings/nanos, wigs... depending on your area of concern an integration system could help. My main "problem area" is the crown of my head and I had one of these systems fitted in May 2017. They use medical grade mesh to protect your scalp and remaining hair. It's definitely worth researching as often the method is adapted to you.
    All the best with your research.
    Alicia x
  • Hi Lexie

    Lovely to meet you and licy_doll, I'm afraid the words "medical grade" don't mean anything in relation to the mesh that is used on hair systems. Personally I would not wear anything on your head other than plain cotton or cloth, as anything with even a remotely rough texture can cause traction alopecia and permanent hair loss.

    I started wearing wigs in my 20s and if I could go back I would definitely not cover the damage caused by pulling, because it just became an excuse to pull even more, as nobody actually saw my head. Before this I had been resisting more as the fear of visible bald spots held me back.

    The majority of people with trich have 70% or more hair coverage, which is enough to hide the damage most of the time, i.e. when not wet or windy.

    I had an intralace system in 2003, after 6 months pull free, when I had 70% hair coverage. I felt my hair wasn't growing fast enough. I have not pulled my hair since 2002 but unfortunately traction alopecia occurred and I now have less than 10% hair coverage. Please be very careful of these systems. I think the only answer to hair pulling is to find a way to stop, and there is help available. Please reconsider because there are some BEAUTIFUL hair coverings which can really make you feel feminine and content.

    There is a trichologist we recommend but I don't want to post her details on here because it could be construed as advertising and get us struck off with the NHS site. Why not use the contact form at and ask for her details. We will send them to you that way.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Dear Lexie,

    I am a Trichologist and fellow puller. I do not know where you are located but I know a good place you can start when it comes to getting more information about what may be suitable for you without causing more damage is by speaking to an expert. There is a specialist known as the Hair Confidante who I and a number of other Trichologists recommend to people so they can have a chat with her. I think that would be a great start. I hope that helps. Steph

  • Hi Steph

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for responding. Hope you are well and hope to see more of you on here.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hello everyone,
    I have over the past 35 years of living with the condition: Trichotiliomania, and constantly having to hide my ever diminishing hair, tried a multitude of solutions including an inter-lace system for a few years. But I feel, just covering up my damage wasn't enough. I wanted to understand the condition and stop. Putting things, anything on my head, just felt wrong. I wanted to be free from the condition! I only wanted my own hair on my head and still do, but to live as a female and not be considered odd or ill I chose and still choose to cover up and finding a suitable solution is a constant battle.
    As a female my femininity is important and having a nice looking hairstyle is a part of that, my wigs move about, itch and fall off revealing and reminding me of the damage I've done and covering up with a semi-permanent interlace system can help to avoid this and your confidence does increase by not having to see the damage on a daily basis, but when I had the system I wasn't psychologically ready for the dramatic change in appearance or losing the power I had to get to my own hair and meant the inter-lace system didn't work at the time for me. I would advise that to heal the outer visual appearance you have to heal your inner self as well and really work on being free from the constant cycle of pull and cover up.

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