Trying to be a good friend

Hello everyone,

I don't suffer with trich myself but a close friend does. I've tried to learn more about her condition but I've not been able to find much info except what trich is.
What can I do to help my friend with her pulling? What do you wish someone would do to help you?
I've tried buying her scarves to help her cover it and try to keep as positive as I can. I know I could be doing things more effectively and I figured you guys are the people to ask.

Thanks for listening to my ramble


  • Hi Goodfriend,

    Wow, that’s incredible. For me, someone actually listening and not thinking we’re “odd”’ is amazing. I have a couple of friends who know I have trich & my closest family, but other than that I’ve managed to hide it mostly.

    Just being there and supporting your friend is great. I have reminders on my phone that remind me of different things throughout the day, for example, remaining Pull free in the moment, that the way I feel is just how I feel, and it’s not real. I keep a fidget spinner (or any other gadget/toy) that helps keep my hands busy (particularly in the evenings when sat on the couch.)

    Just keep being there, & supporting her. You’re being a great support and friend.

    Lisa x
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