I'm 16 and I've been pulling my eyelashes and eyebrows since I was younger. I also think this could be made worser from my anxiety from people who don't understand what's wrong with my eyebrows or why I have less eyelashes. I've tried multiple times to stop, sometimes they do grow back but then I start again and it feels like I'm back to square one. I'm looking for tips on how to stop this and any products that can help for fast hair growth on eyelashes and eyebrows.


  • Hi Robin,

    I’m 36 and started pulling me lashes around the age of 11. Before I started coaching through this page,, I virtually had no eyelashes at all. Whilst I do still slip up, I’m getting better at understanding that its not my fault, that it is the conduction that makes me pull and the more angry I get about it, the worse I feel (and then a vicious circle begins!) I use fidget spinners, my rings anything to keep my hands busy. If my urges are bad, I also try and make myself get up and do something else. Like I’ve said, I do still slip up, but am improving all the time, and my longest PF stint was abou 70 odd days last year.

    You can beat this, we all can. It’s a journey, but a great journey to go on, and hopefully you’ll enjoy popping on here and letting us know how you’re getting on.

    Take care,
    Lisa. xx

    PS- coconut oil is good for regrowth and to help sore eyes. I try and apply it throughout the day, I have a reminder set up on my phone to do it. X
  • Thank you for replying😀 I will try fidget spinners to distract me and definitely the coconut oil thank you!
  • I also try and remind myself that things are ok, and that I’ll be ok. Lots of kind talking to yourself and taking care of you. I believe in you!😉
    Lisa x
  • Thankyou! and I will try thinking positive😀 I believe in you too!🤗
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