Help please

Hello. Sorry I dont speak English very well. Im 23. I started to pull my hair 3 or 4 years ago, first I dont notice it. But the problem go worst, I had anxiety and depression, there were many problems in my house that hurts me a lot. I feel hair loss that now I had to hide but i cant stop. Something that hurts me its that I see my sister who has 15 with the same problem. She suffer the same, being a child my father go out home and my mother was in a relasionship with an idiot. But she is younger than me, I think it went worts for she and I cant help she because I cant stop this problem. I want that this finish, dont be ashame of my head and my hair, I want help may sister but I dont know how, I tried many time to stop but I CANT. Please help us


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