How are you feeling (2)

Hi all,

I believe the thread I started has gone, so thought I’d start up another one, as I’m struggling at the moment. Pulled yesterday and today, and am fearing I’m slipping back into old habits. I’m not angry at myself, but am saddened how the pulling had increased-showing some gaps which I haven’t for over a year. 😕

Hope everyone is doing ok.
Lisa xx


  • Evening.

    Was doing really well, then pulled one today. Onwards and upwards as they say.
    Listened to one of my recordings during the day today. It’s always strange for me, as I listen to them all everynight on a loop under my pillow- just need to get used to listening to one of them in the daytime too.
    Had a lovely hours walk with our dog this being, I love the lighter evenings, just what I needed (plus it stopped me pulling anymore!)

    Enjoy your evening,
    Lisa x
  • Hey Lisa

    I'm so sorry - blame the spammers as we were deleting spam and accidentally deleted your thread.

    I hope you enjoyed listening to Eyelash Growth in the daytime.

    The lighter evenings are terrific - so good for us.

    Have a great weekend.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Neo and everyone,

    I’m out walking with Our dog. I’ve pulled the last three days (not a lot, but over the last few days 5 in total.) I’m looking at my diet again, as it’s not fully where it was before I crashed. Not been drinking as much water as I had, and have been feeling hungrier because of it- snacks have not been ideal! May try a workout tonight, but will see how I feel.

    Hope everyone else is ok? No worries re the deletion Neo.

    Take care,
    Lisa xx
  • Hey Lisa

    It is so unlike you to pull for more than one day in a row. It does seem like your body is trying to tell you something - what are you ignoring?

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Neo & everyone.

    I think I’m in a bad headspace still, and being honest, I’ve bern eating a lot of chocolate, my bodies wanting sweet stuff, and so the pulling is happening. However, I’m very aware that it’s happening because I have trich too. I’m glad to say I’ve not pulled today, but was having trouble signing in here again. I sorted it, so that’s the main thing.😊👍🏻

    I also think I’m very tired, and have noticed that more and more this last month- finding it hard to drop off (I have my recordings on under my pillow on a loop & have been trying to do some breathing, but my mind keeps wandering.)

    Hope everyone else is ok?
    Lisa x
  • Hi everyone,

    My goodness I’m feeling sluggish today. I’m spending some time watching tv and snuggled under a blanket. I’m aiming for an early night as well tonight, super tired.

    Hope you everyone's doing ok.
    Lisa xxx
  • Hope you feel more awake over the weekend, Lisa. I have had a great day today with lots of positive changes to the information on the websites. Hope you get your early night!!!

    Love and freedom

  • Hi all,

    Travelled up to Lincolnshire today to see the in-laws. Although I went to bed early, it was gone 11 again before I dropped off. Again, I hadn’t recordings on and was doing some deep breathing, but had some anxiety. Feeling calmer today & going out for a meal with my hubby tonight.

    Hope everyone else is ok.
    Lise xx
  • Hi Everyone

    So it's great to be back on this 'new' thread! Shame about the old one though... But we'll pick up on a common thread that runs along this thread - 'onward and upward'.

    Thanks Lisa for restarting it! And everyone else for keeping it going.

    I've actually been pretty good the last week, hardly pulled :+1:! Just a little last night out of anxiety for a new job start tomorrow....
    But then listened to my recording last night too, was rejuvenating! Thanks Neo for their clarity!

    Hope everyone's doing great!

    Heading for an early night tonight, after preparing some healthy snacks for tomorrow. And that means NO CHOCOLATE!!! Been doing far too much of that lately, not making me feel too good about my weight either... So that's it, diet begins tomorrow!

    Best wishes everyone,

    Joy :love:

  • Hi Joy,

    Lovely to hear from you, and well done for doing so well. I’m glad to say it’s been 3 days today, so hopefully I can remain strong.
    Had a lovely few days away and then (unplanned) was a friend for an hour his afternoon.
    I just took my weekly eyeshot snap, and the “damage” caused, is y as bad as I thought, but that’s not an excuse, and I’m not letting trich beat me again.
    Am off to bed myself now,

    Hope everyone’s had a nice bank holiday.
    Speak soon,
    Lisa x

  • Hi everyone,

    A good day today. Have had some urges, but have got through them and am in my way to pick my children up from school. Got some work to do this evening, then I can chill hopefully!🤞🏻 Hope everyone’s had a good day.

    Lisa xx

  • Hi Lisa and Joy

    Loving the Unicorn avatar, Joy. Lisa, it is about time you set yourself an avatar - if you don't know how to do it, you can always send it to me.

    I am feeling really great today. Started the day with a visit to a beach cafe with my 3 besties. Spending time with such awesome women makes me feel invincible!

    Sending you both some strength today and also to the many people who pop in here and read but don't post. Yes we DO want to read what you have to say! Meanwhile special thanks to Lisa and Joy for your support.

    Love and freedom

  • It keeps me focused and on track when I post. I will see if I can sort the avatar out, and let you know. Also, thank-you Neo for your email today.

    Lisa xx

  • Morning all,

    Just sat watching a bit of tv, it’s pouring down here at the moment. In work later, then seeing a friend and hopefully going for a walk later this evening with some friends too.
    We’re also currently looking at booking our holiday, which is exciting. Diet had slipped again, but got back on it yesterday & drinking loads more water again.

    Hope everyone else is well,
    Lisa xxx

  • Hi everyone,

    Felt a bit sad this evening, came across something that triggered an emotion. Then when I looked in the mirror I went to pull, but told myself it was ok to feel this way, and it will pass. Also, that pulling wouldn’t help, and that one lady that’s “out of place” can be like that! I walked away and didn’t pull (1-0 to me!!)

    Before the emotional blip this evening, I had been having a good day. I’d been in work and then separately seen two close friends, that I’d been having some issues with (mine not there’s.) I’d built a situation in my head again, when I went to see the second one, and it seemed to be ok.

    Off to do some work on the computer,
    Hope everyone’s doing ok?
    Lisa xx

  • Hi all,

    A really good day, I’m pleased to report. Had a nice chat the lovely Neo, and a bit of time out with my hubby, then a quiz night with some friends. Just remembered a bit of drama in my head, but had completely forgotten about it until now.
    Off to bed. Hope everyone’s ok.

    Lisa x

  • Morning all.

    Got a lovely day planned today with friends, and same tomorrow. Weather’s dry here at the moment too, so hoping to get a walk in first with our lovely doggy.
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend,
    Lisa x

  • Hi all,

    After a really lovely day, I unfortunately pulled before bed (4) Out today, so keeping myself busy with friends. I know I can get back on track, and I bloomin’ well will do- I’m not letting this take anymore of my time or efforts. I’m glad I have this place to write on, be lost without it. Hope everyone is ok.

    Lise x

  • Hi All,

    Nice day getting bits done. Most importantly though, I did a weights workout this morning, first one in weeks, so feeling sore, but glad I did it. The weathers been glorious too, so that also helps.
    Hope everyone’s doing ok,
    Lisa xx

  • Hi Lisa,

    WELL DONE FOR THE WEIGHTS, hun. I am hoping to get some exercise every day now because my daughter can't afford for anyone else close to her to die! I'm banned from dying, lol.

    I had a great start to the day today, with a beach walk, meeting with some friends at our favourite beach cafe, now home to make the new website at

    How long do you feel you can promise us, pull free, Lisa?

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for keeping this going, because it's the only place I'm really able to express how it's all going...

    So far so good!

    I've made some great improvements with my diet - doing just fine after almost a week. So not sure what made me think it was my survival food until now! :blush:

    Been very religious about listening to my recording too, and it sure has done me a wealth of good.

    I've been pulling a lot less over the past week.
    Haven't yet pulled today, (don't plan to!) and only pulled one yesterday, totally by accident, then promptly stopped! :+1:

    Taking care of myself is surely having a tremendous impact!

    And the sunshine sure is good for us all! I'm thriving in it now! :)

    Hope everyone else is doing great too!

    Looking forward to hearing more from you all...

    Neo, aren't we all banned from dying?! :D

    Best wishes,

    <3 Joy

  • Joy - hooray! Well done.

    Yes, we are all banned from dying. Have that tattooed on your wrist, lol

    You are sounding so positive, well done. I'm super proud of you. Keep playing the recording.

    Love and pull freedom

  • Hi all,

    I dealing with urges well at the moment, so I promise to stay PF for the next 3 days.
    Joy, super proud of you too, it’s great to hear you’re doing so well, well done,!😉
    I do find the recordings are a huge help, and I’ve been listening to one in the daytime too.
    The weather’s been glorious here again today, and the kids had friends round after school, so I took them to a big play park to get them outside playing and then treated them to tea.

    Have a good evening everyone,
    Lisa xx

  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks all for your support! It's so much better being in this positive energy, wish it could last a lifetime for all of us!

    Lisa, you're doing great too! So proud of you!

    So far I'm on for 2 days completely PF, and still keeping at it. :yum:
    I'm going to treat myself for a week of being PF very soon!

    I'm so enjoying and appreciating the growth recording. It really seems to be having a great impression!
    Just this morning I woke up and it was still playing through the night, I was thinking "Oh my, what's this that after all these nights of repeating the hypnotherapy and Neo's still got her voice? I was like hasn't she gone hoarse over all this?!"
    But then I thought that Neo never gets tired of being our helpful rock of support! Thanks!
    And so I hope Neo you are doing great!
    As well as everybody else in this wonderful trich family - Just keep being the greatest YOU!

    Best best wishes to everybody!


  • Hi Joy,

    Thank-you for the support and encouragement, it all really helps.
    Yes, you’d think Neo would go hoarse, especially with us all listening to her- we would all be lost without her, so as Joy said, hope you’re doing ok Neo as well.
    Trying to make the most of this weather before the change. Going to go or a walk in a bit with our lovely dog. My youngest has been off school today; running a temperature, sore throat and tummy. Going it’s just a 24 hour viral thing 🤞🏻
    Joe you all have a lovely evening.
    Take care,
    Lisa. x

  • Hi again!

    I think the more we support each other, the better it is for all of us!
    So thanks everyone for contributing!

    So far so good! Can't believe I haven't pulled since Monday!!!
    My urges were quite high last night, but I stopped myself at feeling those hairs, just before they were yanked out! So proud of myself! :D

    Think the last time I had a stretch as long as this was last year...

    Today's been pretty wonderful too! planning for a lovely relaxing weekend with some friends...

    Hope you've made it to your 3 day target Lisa. And if not, we still all love you for who YOU are! Keep it all up, you give me strength and courage.
    I wish your little one better soon! :mask:

    Have a great weekend all!

    Lots of love,

  • Hey Joy and everyone,

    Tomorrow will be my 3 day promise. However, I’ve been 8 days PF so far, so just a few more days to get through the two week stint. I will write on here tmrw and promise a few more days.
    Little ones feeling a bit better. The weathers awful here, and just took our dog out for a walk- needed some exercise and fresh air- even if it was wet.
    Have a lovely weekend with your friends Joy, and everyone else, enjoy yours too.
    Lise x🥰

  • Hi all,

    Not a great day, and last night pulled way too many. Neo’s been incredible, don’t know what I’d do without her❤️
    I’m proud to say I noticed my anxiety and that I was in Adapted Child mode today. Have read through some of my folders and completed a task, feel better this evening. It’s all about taking the highs with the lows, and for me right now things are tough. I know I’ll come through it though, just wanting to be honest.

    Hope you had a lovely day with your friends Joy.
    Love to all xxx

  • Evening all,

    Had quite a productive day, and feeling better in myself (slightly less anxiety) due to a situation changing slightly. Had a lovely lunch out with friends, and then walked our dog❤️ It’s been quite humid here today.
    Hope you’ve all had a good weekend,
    Lisa x

  • Hi all,

    Was having a good day, until I actually had an eyelash in my eye. It was 1/2 in my eye and 1/2 stuck in my lashes. I put my fingers around my lashes, and pulled one out. The one in my eye, had just come out though. Anyway, moving in, and accepting it happened AND it was 1!
    Had a lovely long walk without dog today in the fresh air. Been drinking loads of water, and saw a friend. Have just done some work for tmrw, heading to bed as feeling a bit coldy.
    Love, Lisa xx

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