Nasal hair pulling!

Hi All,

First post here. Anyway I have an addiction to pulling my nasal hair... it's this deep need thar I can't stop! I have been doing it for quote a few years now .. I'm 29 male. However it's not every day but when I do do it the urge is so intense to pull certain 'thick' dark hairs out. Today my nostril was bleeding but I had to carry on! When the urge hits nothing can stop it! I usually do it when I'm reading or studying for my masters or sometimes when at work. It is a bad habit but when I'm in that mood I have to do it ... to get into the deepest darkest pit to pull that last hair! Anyway my point was if anyone has some good advice to distract my mind! I used to smoke cigarettes but recently gave this up around 5 months ago! Plus I used to pick my pubic hair underarms when around 12 but that's it! Hope to hear from some of you soon! Cheers.


  • Hi Owen, welcome!

    It's really good that you're aware of some of your danger zones. Could you keep something to fidget with, or something to cover your finger tips with on your desk? Or maybe attach something to the underside of your desk, some fabric or anything tactile that could keep your hands occupied?

  • Hi Michele, Thanks - that's v kind of you. Sorry for the late reply - I've been fairly good but I started pulling again I think it is when I'm stressed it comes on big / anxious ... but that's ok. Thanks for your suggestions. Yeah try to keep my hands occupied but it is so difficult as it is all in the mind and it is needing the chemical stimulation etc. :)

  • It definitely is hard. If you're finding yourself thinking about it a lot, try music. Anything you like - it really helps to block out those repetitive thoughts :)

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