6 year old pulling hair out

My daughter is pulling her hair out and I’ve noticed a balding patch on the top of her head. I’ve spoken to her and she totally denies it. She’s said maybe she does it in her sleep but I’ve found hair balls stuffed between the cushions of the sofa and between her bed and the wall. I spoke to the GP who said she needs to unlearn this habit and will refer her for CBT but he said not to expect an appointment for several months. What should I do? I’m happy to send her for private CBT if that is needed. How do I know what she needs?


  • Hi Nicky

    I don't think CBT is the best answer for such a small child, perhaps have a look at the specialist support at https://trichotillomania.co.uk

    Please would you watch (and like) my video at

    I truly DO think it will help.

    Love and freedom

  • Hi Nicky, it is perfectly possible that she isn't aware that she's doing it. Many people who pull their hair do so subconsciously. Have you seen her pulling? Is there a particular time of day or activity when she's more likely to do it? You could use a barrier method such as a hat, conditioner on her hair, gloves etc while you try to notice any patterns.

  • Thank you!

    Michelle - she says she’s not aware that she’s doing it. It happens mainly at night and she says she does it in her sleep. I’ve tried tying her hair up but it isn’t comfortable to sleep. I may try a hat and/or gloves when it is cooler.
  • Would a French plait or similar be more comfortable at night? Failing that, leave conditioner in overnight. She won't be able to grip the hairs.

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