I’ve found this site again after many many years. I’m not sure if I ever posted on this version, but was a member of the old site a billion years ago!

I’m Cath, 41 and I’ve been pulling my lashes and eyebrows for 30+ years😱 I’ve had numerous attempts to stop over the years, but have basically completely ignored it for the past 4 years or so, whilst I’ve been busy home educating 3 kids and working. But life feels calmer now, happy, stress free etc etc yet still I pull. So I’ve come back to try and get rid of the one irritation in my life.

I’ve been dithering over signing up for coaching, but I’m not sure after 30+ years if I’m a hopeless case and it’ll be a waste of money (Which I don’t have much if🤣)??? I’ll post here and read around whilst making the decision.

Glad to have found this place again.



  • Hi Kath,

    You definitely should go it, no case is hopeless.😊 I've been in coaching for a few years s now (best decision I ever made.) The support from people on here is incredible, and I'm so glad I did.
    Just to give you a quick brief back sorry of myself. I started pulling my lashes at age 11, I'll be 38. In December. When I first joined, I got to 60 some of days, being Pull free. I then unfortunately pulled, but have had some long PF periods again don't then, and am currently heading towards day 30 of being PF. Never give up on yourself, because you're worth so much more than your eyelashes and eyebrows, they don't define you.

    Hopefully, you'll have had a read around the forum, and this thread, and actually, you've made the first step by writing on here, so the next step is easier❤️

    Take care, and we'll hopefully here from you soon

  • Hi Lisa, thanks so much for your message. Big congrats on 30 days, you’re doing great!

    I’ve had a good read around and have been working on strategies for staying pull free the past week. Amazingly I’ve not pulled in that time😱😀

    Take care, Cath.x
  • Hey and welcome Cath,

    Well done you!!! A massive applause to you for staying PF for a week! That really is tremendous and may it be the start of many PF days!!! 👍

    I'm a scalp puller, but used to pull my eyebrows too. So I get just how annoying and frustrating those urges are. Writing to you on completing 51 PF days, and though I thought I could never make it, the feeling of getting this far is truly unbelievable! I'm so thankful to the support I gained through this forum and my amazing coach. 💕
    I'm truly proud of my success, please do be of yours too. It's worth it - I'm/you're certainly worth it.

    Wishing you the best of luck in tackling the trich monster! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
    So lovely to have you around, keep us posted - we're in this together. 🤗

    Love and freedom,
    Joy xxxxx

  • Cath that's amazing! How are you doing now, another week on?

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